Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Treasure Trove

Ann and I went to Raleigh on a recent trip to work on a little boy's room (more on that later). She was painting a very killer bullseye (no pun intended) on his wall, and was about to run out of paint. While I was out shopping buying more paint, I came across this amazing shop, very near the the hardware store and just had to venture in. Studio 123 at Seaboard Ave. in Raleigh is now one of my favorite places. They have all kinds of vintage and new furniture, art and accessories. Check it out (and don't tell Ann), I was buying paint. 
 Ok, could do an entire room around these. 
 Anywhere, they would go anywhere. 
 Love him and the color!
 Divine. Brass is back AND with lucite. Two of my favorite things. 
 This is one of those shots like the "I Spy" book where you can select 10 things on a page (that you love). Start with the vintage screen, the bamboo table, the credenza... How cool would the screen be as a headboard. Might just have to go back... 
Ah ha! A brutalist piece. Remember our find from the brutalist era? See here. The wood on this piece was in better condition. Don't you just love it AS IS? 
I mean, how could you NOT go in? I love the Dwell Studio wing back, the orange ming side table and the iron/brass bar cart. Next time you run out for a quick errand, stop by. It will be worth it and take Ann with you because I will be hearing about this tomorrow.
Bye bye birdie,

Mon - Sat:10:00 am-5:30 pm


My Interior Life said...

Wow. Definitely a treasure trove! So jealous! How were the prices?

Lindsey Suggs said...

LOVE IT! Those ikat chairs are delish!

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