Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Let's talk... tango tangerine!

So, the holidays are over and as great as they were I had no problems pitching my tree out the back door yesterday. The decorations are down around here. I'm not really an over achiever, I did have a tree up until March one year. I just had a few extra minutes yesterday and since our tree was only 4 ft tall it was easy to take it down...

January is right around the corner (4 days) and Pantone has announced the color of the year for 2012....
drum roll....(like you don't already know what it is)...

Tango Tangerine! That just sounds fun! I was reading an article that said the blues and greys are too safe and it's time for them to go. We need color and freshness in our lives. So paint everything tango tangerine!? To me, that sounds like a complete disaster. The blues and greys are here to stay and this fun punchy orange is a great accent but don't get crazy!

You know I'm a sucker for a painted stair. See here. I might of done without the stripe on the wall but LOVE the stairs!

Works here! Although, I think orange makes you hungry. I wonder if you are allowed to eat in this room?

I know you are allowed to eat here! This is one of my fave dining rooms (for traditional!). I know, you wouldn't think so but I love the wallpaper, mirror, window treatments (can't see them in this image but trust me, they are great!)

remember when Hooper did this room? See here. The window treatments are AMAZING and the perfect dose of orange!
If you need to start out small, try a tray...and a lacquered one, bonus!

We've said it before, never underestimate the power of Overstock. Love this rug!!! 

And, I've also said... be on the lookout for red! We're dancing around it. Pink was last years color and now orange? hmmmm... Much to Hooper's dismay, it's gonna come back!

Orange ya glad it wasn't this year? (I crack myself up!)
How 'bout you, any orange in your life?

Happy Tuesday!
Bye,bye Birdie,
credit to: Canadian House and Home, CB2, Overstock, Domino, and Southern Living


Wendy (SpikesnSparkles) said...

Hi Ann, thanks for stopping by! Lucky you to have taken down your tree already! I'm dreading the "undecorating from the holidays" part and may well leave everything up until March myself! And I'm totally with you on the tangerine - it's a great color, as an accent! Loved how Hooper used it in that room!

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I always have various shades of orange in my home, but my big tangerine thing was about 5 years ago! I'll have to go back to the pile of stuff and rework it. LOL

Cat said...

I love this post Ann! I recently purchased a cayenne colored sofa, and have taken a lot of "heat" for an "orange couch" but I love it. I think Hooper's room inspired the look I am going for! Hope you're all well in this new year! Miss you!

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