Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A very drastic before and after

DISCLAIMER: What you are about to see is the BEFORE (and it is not pretty).
I recently had the privilege of working on a renovation project and was blown away, I'm talking speechless, over the before version of this space. This is REALLY what it looked like before. My delightful clients did NOT do this, it was this way when they bought it, but it is still one of the worst "before" spaces I have ever seen. Take a look...
 The floors were all tile, the built-ins were, well some shade of red paired with plum, oh yeah, with mint accents.
 Below was the entry to the study It was inspired by, I'm not sure what?
A rainbow perhaps? Hmmmm. And now for the after...
 We put in hardwoods (out with the dated tile), took out the "architectural rainbow" above and selected all new furnishings that reflected the couples love for a well-traveled collected look. 
The TV was moved above the mantle and the built-ins were ripped out (as fast a humanly possible. 
Reclaimed river wood was added as a mantle.
The previous accent wall got new accents. Not to be confused with the new kitchen, see the old kitchen below.
The kitchen got a total gut with all new cabinets, new appliances repositioned for better function, new tops and the giant (almost) one story hood above the range, got relocated and shrunk to a normal size. Kitchen and Bath Galleries did an amazing job with the new kitchen and were kind enough to trust me with the decor. 

 The couple liked the blue (color only) in the original countertops so a bright blue exotic granite was selected with stainless backsplash tiles and blue accents. We added this above the breakfast table to update the lighting (it felt a little like Applebees pre-remodel). 
Quite a drastic change, don't you think? Tell us your thoughts and you will qualify for Friday's Sawgrass Candle give away!
bye bye birdie...


bluehydrangea said...

NO way!! That before is unbelievable!! After is fantastic!!

Alecia said...

Oh my word....What a change. I can't believe that was someone's house and bravo to the people that bought it and had the vision beyond the plum, pink, mint green to purchase it!

My Interior Life said...

Scary before, brilliant after. I actually have those same Asian-style throw pillows from World Market on my sofa.Great job as always!

Anne McAllister said...

Wow! Is this house in Wilmington? You definitely put some gold at the end of those rainbow arches. Great job!

Melissa said...

I can't believe it. Any of it, really. I think my fave before element was the gold stenciling on the purple wall. You are fantastico, as usual. Is the round side table in the living room the World Market one?

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