Monday, February 7, 2011

To World Market, to World Market to buy a...

I went to World Market today. I have no idea why. Don't get me wrong, I love World Market. It's just that once I got in there, I forgot what I was doing. Perhaps I was going to buy some wine or strange foreign cookies? We will never know because once I walked through the doors, I was taken away and started doing what I always do. I decorated another imaginary room. Yep, I know it's a little weird. Ok, a lot weird. I have a meeting this week with a client who loves a collected layered look. She is well-traveled and very cool. In reality, I already have a room put together for her and can't show you first, that would be giving it all away. However, this could be a contender. After I got to test out, bounce, touch and quality check all goods, I went back to my computer to create an idea board. Oh so easy on Polyvore and it adds a price list when you finish the look. Check out client's new and improved family room...

I love the elephant stool and the arc lamp. So chic and the flokati softens the look.

 This chevron dining chair caught my eye paired with a...
Natural saw horse desk. I just loooovvvvvee this and a mom that works part time, surely needs a cool work space.
 Wouldn't a couple of these make a great coffee table?
 I have great resources for mercury lamps, but many are pricey. This is $129.99. Throw on a burlap shade and I just copied my $350 version. 

I would finish it off with this Ikat silk pillow. The turquoise would pop on the chocolate chair and add some spice to the room. What about you? Do you frequent World Market? You should. 
Maybe next week, I'll go back for what I needed. If I can remember what that was. 

Bye bye birdie,

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Be still my heart...

I am in love with the Texas home of Jamie and Larry Oliver. (apparently  designing duo extraordinaire!) Their home was featured on last weekends Etsy, Get the Look Decor . I am also in love with Etsy's blog and their genius Get the Look feature! They showcase homes and show you similar furniture, accessories, art etc... available on Etsy. Brilliant! Maybe I am the last one to know about this... (wouldn't be the first time!)

Anyhoo... I am diggin' the concept but really diggin' this house. Look.... Enjoy!

Thanks to sweet Jen (my super talented friend from Fotojenik) who sent me this link because she thought it would make me happy.... It did.

Have a FABULOUS weekend...
Bye, bye Birdie,

Credit to: Etsy,Jamie & Larry Oliver

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

This all started because Ann sent me an inspiration tile photo for her kitchen (don't be mad Ann). Her photo had fabulous lantern tiles, but I did notice that the counter tops looked like mine. I have always loved my kitchen, but hated the tile. Could a tile change make all of the difference and make me love my counter tops?
It was the eyesore in a potentially amazing space. Well... let's just say, once I get an idea in my head, there is no turning back. Plus I'm the most impatient person on the planet and must get it done immediately. So, after buttering up my husband for some new penny rounds (I got nowhere), I was ready for a re-do. And my budget (set by angry annoyed husband) for backsplash: $0. Yep zero, zilch, nada. To quote my sweet husband: If it ain't broke don't fix it. You can get pretty creative on a budget of $0. I did some research (called Ann) and with a little elbow grease and a bottle of ceramic paint, I went to town. Oh yeah, add $4.99 for paint from local craft store. Not much more than zero.
Nothing to it. Husband thinks I'm crazy and there is no way this can work, but what else is new? Bye by checkerboard, hello new kitchen! With the help of a local glass company, I was able to get 3 mirrors cut to fit each section. In a few minutes, with some liquid nails and Krazy Glue, I had a new instant backsplash! $80 later, I no longer feel like I am serving up cheeseburgers at Checkers and can even check my hair while cooking breakfast. So $0 is really close to $80, right? I mean, $80 is practically free. Even hubby is happy with new look and price tag.
The mirrored tile below was $20 from Homegoods and adds some bling behind my range. Lucky me, it fits perfectly and gives it a custom touch.
 Remember my bug catcher? 
A new drum shade adds more drama and soft light. I look better in the mirrors in soft light. And I put it up myself so I saved on an electrician and impressed husband (sort of until he had to check my work). 
I painted Benjamin Moore's Covington Blue in high gloss on the backs of my cabinets for some color. Even added puck lights (yes, they stick on) to illuminate my fab Foo dog.
 The backs of the cabinets pick up the blue milk glass in my chandelier. I am loving my new stenciled hide in here. It's a crumb catcher and sweeps up easily. Can you see the Craig's List ghost chairs? My husband still hasn't noticed them. I paired them with a white leather bench (remember it from my bathroom)? I painted the base a soft gray and can now seat 7. Wanna come over for dinner?
Bye bye birdie,

Credit to: Matkins Glass

Monday, January 31, 2011

Scrap Yard Field Trip!

Yes... We finally did it. Hooper and I took a field trip. We went over the big bridge that took us into a neighboring county. Technically, we went out of town. (or 20 minutes from my house) And we did all this so we could show you how COOL scrap yards can be! And the fact that you have to wear a hard hat was just a bonus! 


        Remember... I was a metals major in college. This huge pile made me happy! Very Happy....

This candlestick made Hooper happy.

 THEN...We saw the huge magnet car picker upper crusher thingy. (That is actually what it's called... I think?) We asked Jeremy (tour guide and owner) if we could have our boys birthday parties at the scrap yard. That would be a no go....

 This could be something great...

 Just saw these go for $5 each on Cash & Cari... Anyone seen that show?

My 10 year old asked me to take off my favorite over sized flower broach the other day before I took him to his school basket ball game. He said I would embarrass him if I wore it. What?! He has NO IDEA how cool I am. I wonder if I would embarrass him if I picked him up from school in this. Pretty sure he has no idea how cool this truck is either....

I think we can all agree that these propellers ARE cool.....

But the find of the day was this 3 foot tall steel 'S'. I think I screamed when I saw it, I might of jumped...It's all a blur now but anyway, this made the trip 'out of town' well worth it. I took the 'S' home with me and found a place for her in my stairwell. We are both very happy together.

Thanks Jeremy... Hooper and I had a blast! We can't wait to come back!

How bout you? Any cool finds ?
May all your scrap yard adventures be successful...
Bye, bye Birdie,

Friday, January 28, 2011

Mental Health Day

My husband went on a business trip and one of the twins is sick. Not just sick, house bound. I won't go into details. I can't tell you the last time I was home all day... and was well. OK, maybe not mentally well, but physically well. 
It got me thinking about how drab my kitchen looks and how it needs updating and how I spend 95% of my time in there and how if I spend 95% of my time in there, then shouldn't it be beautiful and calming? I mean, it is the hub of the home... don't I deserve that? (I am hoping my husband is not reading this). Thankfully, he doesn't actually read our blog that much so I'm safe. 
I am working off of a black and white checkerboard tile. It all started because I told him I wanted to replace it. The understanding and practical person he is instantly said: NO, there is nothing wrong with our back splash. The fact that it is black and white checkerboard is fine with him. Me, I feel like I'm cooking here every night. Would you like a milk shake with that?
He doesn't realize that once I get an idea in my head, there is no turning back. He also doesn't understand that in order to distract from my checkerboard, I will need some BIG distractions. Did I mention that my cow hide rug arrived? Isn't she something?
Checkerboard, shmeckerboard. Must use under farm table, but beat up chairs make rug look misplaced. Hmmm. Also must fly under the radar with this one. Our chairs are perfectly good chairs. Just ugly and sad. Husband will not see the true value in new chairs, which I so clearly need. Clearly.

Ah ha! These ghost chairs are perfect. He won't even see them. And, I found some on Craig's List (for those of you that stopped by yesterday, yes, I really did). This is shaping up. Rug, check, chairs, check, backsplash, checkerboard. OK, keep going. I need to draw the eye upwards. Toward heaven. Toward something much prettier than my flourescent lighting... Yeah, this is really something. The frosted diffuser gives off a warm glow and the bugs that are stuck in side add a nice touch.
 Surely, he can't expect me to live with a bug collection above my sink? I decide to dose up little boy with Motrin and head out into the world for just a minute. Not to worry, we are prepared for any accidents. 
I stop by Maran Anderson Home for a change of scenery(staying home all day is for the birds) and just see if they possibly have a light fixture that I could try (aka install myself before husband gets home).
They had a drum shade similar to this. It's huge. And with a pendant this big, hubby won't notice the rug or chairs. Great plan. 
As I'm snuggling on the sofa with my baby (yes, in the store living room vignette, but pretending to be in own living room), I notice Maran's oh so fab wall color. I can paint, sort of. My cabinets may need a little facelift. Come to find out, it's Benjamin Moore's "Covington Blue" and reminded me of Elizabeth Taylor's apartment in Butterfield-8. 
She looks so glamourous. Like she could come over and have a glass of champagne with me in my new kitchen. She definitely does not look like someone who is going to fry up some burgers at my Checker's grille. Soooo.... I call my tile guy. Just to chat, really. About business and the weather and then I throw in a quick mention about how my back splash is tired and could he give me some tips on how to replace it myself so husband won't know. He laughs because he has seen my dry wall patches. So, tile is out, again. Read will notice if Adam is in our kitchen for a few days. What do do? And then, on Maran's sofa, where my son is comfortably napping, it hits me. I can put something over the tile. And I know just the thing. I can't get into it now, that's tomorrow's project. For now, I think I have enough to keep me busy. At least until the other kids get home.

Bye bye birdie...

Credit to: Maran Anderson Home, Saddleman's of Santa Fe, Decor Pad, Apartment Therapy

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sweet Baby 'S'...

I usually do not play favorites but if I had to choose a favorite nursery I've painted this is definatly a contender. We did not have much to go on other then we knew she was a girl and her name started with an 'S'. We got some hand-me-down furniture from big sister Kyla and borrowed style cues from her parents.  The home has a comfortable, eclectic vibe and we knew the nursery needed the same feel.


 We walked into purple walls, white crib and changer and a green bumper. Other than that, we had free reign over this sweet little girl's nursery.

 A painted bench and table needed a face lift. I gave them a green glazed over haul and a purpose...


 next to a brown chair in a lonely corner....  The only request was from dad who wanted a chandelier for his second princess.  I was thrilled to find this one, which looks amazing in the room.

Birds of a Feather and Blue Whale Portraits teamed up to personalize this space with family pictures. I accompanied Kevin Millard for a photo shoot that added the perfect amount of whimsy. 

We talked about wallpaper, but ultimately decided on a modern vine inspired accent wall to tie in the green, brown and break up the purple. 

Hooper scored when she came across this pale purple dandelion fabric that we had made into a quilt, pillow and added it to the existing bed skirt. 

Little details make a big impact for a little girl, we now know as "Silvie". 

Sweet Dreams Sylvie
Bye bye birdie,

credit to: Shades of Light, Blue Whale Portraits
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