Friday, March 4, 2011

Oh happy day...

PUH...LEASE!  How do I follow Hoopers off the chain post with anything ? If you are reading this for the first time, scroll down, check out Hoop's laundry room and tell her how great it is b/c it is pretty great. It is not just b/c the design and execution are amazing it is great b/c the WORLD'S MOST IMPATIENT person did it. I was convinced I was going to have to show up and patch, repaint, fix but I didn't. My girl waited for paint to dry, didn't rip off tape too soon and walked on it only when it was done (not before). CONGRATS!

But I guess I will follow up with something, or someone... John Robshaw... (love him...)

 From fabrics to furniture to block art prints...his look is collected, vibrant and BEAUTIFUL!

 Love this bench. 2 at the end of my bed would be fab!

 These framed fabrics make me oh so happy... I love showrooms...
My birthday is in October...Just file that info away and when you remember it, don't forget this throw!

 So, pink is THE color for 2011...but is anyone else as stoked as I am to see indigo everywhere?

Have a great weekend and be sure to check out all the happy fabrics John (we are on a first name basis now) has to offer...

OH... the best part... he has a line of fabric for Lucky Brand! My favorite brand of all!!!!

Happy, bright Weekend!
Bye, bye Birdie,

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Off the Chain Laundry Room

This is a before and after story of insanity. I'm talking lock me up and throw away the key. Sometimes, as some of you may know, I get an idea in my head and I just can't let it go. My husband urged me not to do this, Ann urged me not to do this without medication on hand, but I just couldn't let it go. I couldn't just leave well enough alone. 
"If it ain't broke, don't fix it", that's what they say. Whoever "they" is. Well...Define broke. Once I gave my kitchen a face lift, my laundry room (where I spend 75% of my day) was looking tired. Sad, tired and was a constant reminder of my Cinderella status. One morning, bright and early, Read took all of the kids to the circus. If you recall, it is dangerous to leave me home alone. While he was at the circus, I was creating a 3-ring circus of my own at home. Let's just say that the painted floor images I have seen on all of the blogs these days, wouldn't get out of my mind. Yes, I am out of my mind.

 I painted. Lots. Coat after coat of annoying white porch paint. Called Ann every five minutes for advice. I don't paint. I would not try this at home. It's awful. Leave it to a professional (Ann). She was worried once I pulled it off that I might steal her job. No worries Ann, it was like having a baby without an epidural and I haven't even gotten to the awful part. Then, I started taping. 
I wanted to come up with a design that expressed how it feels to spend day in and day out in my laundry room. Fluff and fold. Fluff and fold. Fluff and fold... you get the gist. So.... I came up with a design that just nails it. It's a satire on a floor. 

I painted a chain. What felt like hundreds of chain links. Millions actually. A great geometric with meaning. 
Yes, I did that. After taping it off (which involved lots of math, which I also don't do), I painted over the tape with gray 
semi-gloss paint.

Then, I added a coat of poly for protection and shine and Viola! 

 Then, I added fluff to my fluff and fold room... The valance is from one of my favorite local boutiques. My designer friend is redecorating the store, and the valance was the perfect shape and size. Who says you can't go in for a pair of shoes and come home with a valance?
 Can you see my new broom peeking out? Who knew sweeping could be so much fun! Watch out crumbs.
 I covered this space in cork  board and then upholstered it in a fun fabric for kids' artwork. 
 A couple of ceramic "tufted" garden stools for putting on shoes or time out. 

 A chalkboard wall so kids can stop coloring on my living room wall and a covered canvas for invitations. 
Not that we get invited anywhere, but if we do, I sure don't want to miss it!
 Tons of hooks for totes and my favorite sun hats (cause they make me smile and it might just be warm enough to wear them soon). 
 Bins for dirty and clean and yet to be folded clothes... storage up top for recipes, keepsakes, coupons, photos and anything else I may need a random spot for.
 Pictures that make me happy while I am fluffing and folding, fluffing and folding... 
                   A touch of Spring in my window
And lots of bright sunshine in my new and improved laundry room! What do you think? I kinda don't want to leave. 

Bye bye birdie...

Monday, February 28, 2011

Forced Family Fun Photo Shoot!

My head is spinning... Saturday was my brother's wedding. All last week I was running around like a mad woman trying to tie up loose ends for the rehearsal dinner. Let me just tell you we did it at a farm and we (my sister in law, and sister and I ) did all the tables. Burlap over cream linen with all sizes of mason jars filled with candles, antlers on the tables , & wild rambling flowers and greenery in vases. Sounds pretty? It was GORGEOUS! I can say this because I have no pics. to show you to prove that it wasn't. My pics. were to dark so I am waiting on pics. from someone else...I'll post then if they are good.

But... I do have some family pics. to show you. My sweet Jen from Fotojenik came over and snapped a few shots of the kids before we left. There were no adults in the wedding only the nieces and nephews. I am a little old for taffeta so this was a very good thing!

 Okay so I 'S' is not in my stairwell... yet... well it was but I took it down for fear it would fall and kill someone and it is going back up as soon as my brother's can come over and secure it properly...
 That bow tie was more then I could handle...too cute. My sweet Lindley was mad because her shoes would not stay on. She sulked the entire photo shoot... At the end I paid her $20. for this fake smile. Yes- I paid my child $20 to smile. Take notes & sign up for my parenting class...

Molly grabbed those flowers from the yard and never stopped posing! Addie had a fever of 101 the whole day. We stuck her on a bench at the reception and she slept through everything.


Sweet,cute hubby! I had this pic up... then took it down...then put it back up... So here it is- I hate pics. of myself- I am so much cuter and younger in my head...bummer. I drive Jeff crazy! So Jeff here is a picture of us... up for the world to see!

ANYWAY... Thanks Jen! It was great to have these pics!

May all your wedding weekends be fabulous!
Bye bye Birdie,

BIG credit to: Fotojenik

Friday, February 25, 2011

Playful Playroom Makeover

I recently had the privilege of working on a this cheery playroom and wanted to show you how it turned out. The client wanted it to function as both a playroom, craft room and cozy upstairs den that her kids could grow into.

Before, no one used the sofa or great built-in window seats because the room was simply used for toy storage. Not very inviting for kids and adults alike.
 The sofa functioned as toy storage too and the kids have now outgrown the rubber play mat and are in need of a rug.

Ta-da!!! Slip covered sofa for tons of washings, bright colors, warm rug, furry bean bags and inviting window seats. 

This all started because the client wanted a craft/game table for her children. Since they are quickly entering school age, a larger table was a necessity. Most kids tables have small surface area. Not this one! We took a (already distressed) dining table with a whimsical apron and chopped of the legs to fit old school house painted kid's chairs. The table is 48" square and can hold up to 8. Large storage baskets fit underneath to hold craft projects and materials. 

 Window seats are now used for additional storage and a comfy spot to read. 
What do you think? Do you like it? It has a fresh new look that is a little more inviting. 
Bye bye birdie...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beach House Fantasy Part 2

If Hooper's Miami glam beach house time-shared with Ann's Nantucket mod cottage, the result would still be pretty fabulous. In fact, when we were designing our individual rooms, there were a couple of items that we both put on our design boards! Ann had to draw the line on pink but wanted to keep the chandelier (who knew)?? Hooper loves a reclaimed wood element so the table was just her style. Both wanted a driftwood mirror. The summer house would also have old pine floors -- maybe painted in the kitchen? Lots of windows (preferably the ones that crank)and white walls... Can't you just hear the waves crashing? Hey, a girl can dream.
merged room

Bye bye birdie,

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I went to Connecticut to visit my brother and left  them in 6" of new snow. It was cold, but fun, and left me craving summer, heat and punchy colors. While I was freezing my tail feathers off in the Northeast, Ann was sunning it up in our neck of the woods in 80 degree weather. Today, back home, I wake up to 50's and cloudy. Oh how I need sunshine and no more layers. However, this version of my summer dream room is layered with everything that makes me happy and just looking at it, makes me feel like summer is right around the corner 
Summer RoomAnn, wearing a fleece today and not happy about it, designed her dream summer look.They could not be more different. Which one is more you?

Wonder what would happen if our families shared a beach house... Hmmmmm. OK. Year 2020 (aka, never), our husbands let us buy a beach house (or a lake house will do) and we time share it between our families. Yes, it is brilliant. Oh yeah and here's the kicker (the real reason behind this summer home fantasy)... we get to decorate it. No budget, no opinions from loving husbands who just want to make us happy. This is a fantasy after all. So....what would you do?

Bye bye birdie,

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kitchen Go Time!

 My kitchen needs a re-do... Let me give you some background info... We bought our house 5 years ago and were planning on living in it for 2. We are still here. When we bought it we would not tell our friends which house it was  for fear they would think we'd lost our minds. After a 6 week quick gut and repair we moved in and gave our friends our new address.(did I mention we were living with my parents until it was ready and I found out I was pregnant with baby #4?) I did a fast fix on the kitchen knowing we would be moving again soon. Again...We are still here. I have grown to love our house and am content on staying even longer however I am not sure I can stay much longer in my kitchen. So I am sharing my vision with you in hopes that someone out there in blog world will pester me to see the end result so I have to deliver. Hooper gets an idea and doesn't sleep until her plan is executed. Me... not so much. I am the A.D.D. project person. Or maybe I just get to many brilliant ideas all at once... 

It all started when I fell in looooove with this tile and then found it on overstocks. Woop! Woop!


While I was looking for it in pictures, I found this kitchen. Too funny because I have had a Benjamen Moore Whitall brown color swatch taped to my wall for 4 years. This is also the inspiration photo I sent Hooper that spurred her on to change her back splash to mirrors.... (in 1 day)

Ben. Moore whitall brown.... Looovin' you is easy cause your beautiful....dododododooo ahhhhhhhhhh...

Here is my kitchen floor. I painted 1 foot buffalo checks in several shades of cream and yellow. It's time to go... I was thinking 2 ft. buffalo checks in a few shades of taupe (on the brown side).  But then ....

The first time I saw this floor, my heart stopped. It was like the first time Hooper saw a metallic hide rug... Though I am not sure the lantern tile would go with this, I still love it in hopes it might show up somewhere in my house one day.

I sent this fabric to my sister-in-law as a suggestion for a place in her house. Ever since I did I can not get it out of my mind. It would be a sweet roman shade above my kitchen window.

Oh much to think about! Which color white do I paint the cabinets?....

Counter tops...hmmmm... Remember the bathroom vanity top that my brothers made out of barn wood for Hooper? I am thinking counter tops. Wouldn't that look killer? Anyway, I must get this done and fast. Please bug me to see the finished project. I won't let you down...

How bout you... Any projects you MUST tackle and soon? (I'll bug you if you bug me!)

Bye bye Birdie,
credit to: Overstocks, Tonic living, Benjamin Moore, Shades of Light

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm going to be an aunt... again!

My sister (in-law) is pregnant. It is quite the miracle every time, but with her it is especially so. We found out she is having a little girl which means my precious niece and nephew will get a sister! I can hardly wait and hope she will keep having babies so I don't have to.  She asked me to help her with her nursery and I am honored. Check out what I have put together. 

Baby Girl Graham Nursery

What do you think? Do you think she'll like it?
Bye bye birdie,

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thank you, thank you

For the very sweet emails and comments about my "painter's outfit". I wanted to clarify. Paint on my clothes, shoes, face, hair is a totally normal occurance.  It wasn't the paint I was referring to... it was the fact that I went through the entire day with two completely different shoes on. Oh yeah. I'm starting a new trend. 
Bye bye birdie...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Whole New Look

The last few days, I have been stuck in my laundry room. Not that that would be different than any other day, but... Once I finished my kitchen, I was so excited about the new look that I started on updating the laundry room. Hence the late nights, sleep deprived days and strange looks from my husband. Today, I finally ventured out. It was at the end of the day when I finally went to put my feet up and something caught my eye. Yes, I said the END of the day. Can you spot it?

The paint on my pants is a tiny hint of what's to come. Stay tuned... the new laundry room is more impressive than my latest outfit.

Bye bye birdie,

credit to: sleep deprived moms everywhere
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