Monday, July 11, 2011

Just another Manic Monday....

Sometimes it's hard to blog. Hard to know what to write about...It's Monday morning and my sister is here from Chicago with her 3 kids and neurotic hound dog (my sister reads this and refers to her as 'special' but this dog has been in my house for 2 days so let me tell you my description fits better!). We are having so much fun but as Monday rolls in the coffee can not brew fast enough and I am wondering if I will make it to 10 a.m. without a nap.... So while I go pour my coffee into my I.V. bag please enjoy these images... I hope the bright bold colors wake you up and make you smile...

this is where I would take my nap or curl up with a good book...

not sure I could sleep here but I do love the side table and know where you can get it! Overstocks... and it's called the Lachlan Glossy White sofa table AND it's $114.99 with $2.95 shipping! That's your present from me to you...
I know, I know, you would never actually have this as your dressing room or at least I wouldn't and you've seen this image a 1000 times but I still LOVE this more is more use of cobalt blue. And you know I am a less is more girl!

I had to add this L.R. b/c that is the color Hooper was thinking about for her D.R. WAS being the key word... She has gone from paint, to murals, to wallpaper and back through that list several times. And when her D.R. is finished in record time (She goes from idea to completion in about 3 days) and it is gorgeous I will do a post on how its sometimes hard to be Hoopers friend! Especially since my kitchen has been in idea phase for 6 months!

Anyway...Happy Monday!
(I'm off to get coffee #2!)

Bye,bye birdie,

credit to: Domino, Overstocks

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Please Help Me With My Dining Room!

This is my dining room. Sad but true. It's not bad. Great bones, great pieces. I love every single thing in it. It's just not "over the top" and I kinda like "over the top".   
I did this room awhile back and only WISH it was mine. I fell so in love with the chairs, I had to have them. The walls are upholstered in woven leather. The clients live in here. They entertain, eat breakfast, have fabulous dinner parties... I could have fabulous dinner parties. I could start by having someone - anyone over for dinner (over the age of 8). I don't because my dining room is plain and non-descript and makes you want to retire to one of the more exciting rooms.
 Here are my chairs... and Oscar de la Renta in my dining room. OK, just kidding. Oscar was not over for dinner, but these are my oh-so-fabulous "trellis" dining chairs. Mine are a natural pine finish, not white, but they are still great. The only problem, is they don't look this great in my mediocre dining room. I just want to be clear. I'm not complaining. I am REALLY thankful for my chairs they just aren't reaching their full potential in my MDR (mediocre dining room).
I have this Oushak rug. Still so thankful and love, love, love it with a capital "L", but might as well be old remnant as not looking like much in MDR.
I bought this chest at an auction. I adore it. I found out later that I was up against a silent bidder/friend with much deeper pockets and she felt sorry for me, so I won the auction. According to my husband, it's not actually "winning" because you still have to pay for it, but he's kind of a stickler for details.
This is my chandelier.  It casts the perfect light on the (non) dinner party. Ok, it just looks cool and is totally made out of shells. It is also enormous and a cool scale for the small room.
My dining room table was a wedding gift to my grandparents almost 60 years ago. As the oldest of 12 grandchildren, I was the recipient of the dining table and feel so lucky to have it in my home. Sadly, it just doesn't get used as often as it should. 

From an economical standpoint, I have all of the big pieces essential to a dining room. Perhaps I can deck out the windows with these drapes I covet from a client's new study? COVET, it's a sin, I know...
Or trick out the walls too?  I suggested to Ann that she paint something on my walls and just yesterday, she brought me two wallpaper books. Hmmm. Subtle.
I could (and by "I", I mean Fernando), could paint the walls a solid bold color? or wallpaper? So, how can I turn DRAB TO FAB?
This is not a hypothetical question (unless you are my husband and then, yes, this is totally all pretend). I really want you to tell me. Send me pictures, thoughts, ideas. I'm serious, tell me what to do because I will do it (and I'll blog about it). Plus, I'm fresh out of ideas when it comes to my own abode. I need fresh eyes, a new perspective. BRING IT ON!
Bye bye birdie...

credit to: Oscar de la Renta 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

See Glass Everywhere

A very dear friend of mine passed away recently, yet she still continues to inspire me daily. Years ago, she introduced me to her love for sea glass. It was so soothing to her to scour the beaches for beautiful washed and worn pieces. The rare colors ranging from indigo to orange and pink have a history dating back to the 18th century.  On trips to coastal locations, I would search the beaches and bring back pieces of glass for her collection. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss her and with every beach trip, I'm reminded of her as beautiful colors wash ashore. With summer's arrival, design is inspired by the colors of sea glass. I wanted to pass along my inspiration to you... Happy hunting...

Thank you Christina for the vibrant color you brought to us all...
Bye bye birdie,

Credit to: Byer Bliss, Lovely Life, Wikipedia, Diamond Baratta

Monday, July 4, 2011

Birthday Take over!

Seems like birthdays are taking over Birds of a Feather ... but now it's my turn to say Happy Birthday to my sweet first born Jackson! He was... (gasp)...11 on July 2nd! What? How did that happen? Can I at a mere 25 really have an 11 year old? Small lie... I'm 29...okay, okay- I'm embracing 30 with grace (and still lying!) Anyway, regardless of my age, where did the time go?

My 9 lb 4 oz. baby is now close to my height, sleeping later and later, and getting moodier by the minute! Guess the teens ARE right around the corner! The last 11 years have been a blast and we have enjoyed watching our little man evolve into an avid fisherman with a passion for all things nature. His room is a reflection of these interest (thought I'd throw some design in there, since this IS a design blog...)

One wall is chocolate brown chalkboard paint. I painted a rugby stripe around his room to tie it together. Yes- that is a valance made from a crib skirt. I strongly dislike valances but until I find the perfect panels, it's staying!

Never under estimate the power of Home Goods. This stool is the perfect side table and easy for him to move when he pulls out his trundle.

His sheets are Serena & Lily (clearance baby!) and his duvet is Pottery Barn ticking. It will stay for a while but he is outgrowing his camp-out art and stuffed animal deer head.

My brother gave him this 'trophy' when he was 5. It has always been above his bed but is probably on its way to a younger cousin. (sniff) I realize that Jackson is getting older and his transitional 'big boy' room is probably ready for another over haul. The dinosaurs, legos, and cars now reside in the closet while fishing rods, lacross sticks, and footballs have taken permanent residence along his walls.(That's why I could only show you one angle of his room!)

I am sure Jackson will have an opinion when it comes to what goes in his room. I'd love to find some old fish etchings or vintage 'Boys Life' magazine covers to frame and hang but we'll see. Who knows what I will come across!

Happy Birthday Jackson... and Happy 4th of July!!!!!

 (and btw... we really appreciated your comments on the last post. We love hearing from you even when we beg! ha!)

Bye, bye Birdie,

Friday, July 1, 2011

Its a.... boy!

It's A Boy!!! Before you call me, stalk me on Facebook or start spreading rumors. No, I am not pregnant. I may look it from time to time, but I am NOT having a baby. Good, now that we got that straight. My sweet friend just had a precious baby boy and Im thrilled the news is out!!! 
You see, she and her hubby decided not to find out the sex of the baby. Cute, mysterious and really fun for those who are waiting in the wings to hear whether her precious children have  a new sister or brother. Not so fun for the decorator who convinces the soon-to-be parents to tell me and ONLY me. I'm talking the only people that knew the sex of the baby were me, myself and I and the ultrasound tech. Why you ask? Generic nurseries are over-rated. Just sayin'. So, I'd like to thank all of the nosey people that tried to trick me, bribe me and feed me wine to get me to spill it. Oh and FYI, if you ever have a secret, I'm your girl. My own husband couldn't figure it out and all he had to do was go look at the stash in the garage. Here's how it went down. I showed her two very different looks, but with the same color scheme. That way, the drapes and walls could be done ahead of time. 
This is how the room looked when she left for the hospital. As soon as the baby was born, we loaded up the van and went to work installing all of the baby boy finds that had been stashed secretly in my garage for months. If it had been a girl, the room would be covered in yellow, gray and ivory floral toile. The crib would be accented with eyelet and yellow and the fan would have been replaced with a crystal chandelier. That was about as far as I got, because I have known it was a boy for about, um, 26 weeks. That's a long time -- 3.5 years if you are a dog. 
Quite awhile.  I digress. 
So Ann painted a buffalo check in various shades of gray to stay in keeping with her already gorgeous French-Country style home. I guess I should tell you what my client asked for. She wanted a room that could double as a guest room (slight sophistication) and that could grow with the child from baby to boy (or girl -- I throw in for good measure).
And after all of that secret keeping, wine drinking, and texting (I wouldn't allow her to talk to me in person for fear I might spill the beans), here is the outcome! Take a closer look...
Her simple french bed has a mate for when the crib is no longer needed. The textured neutral fabric was added to the headboard and I had a box pleated bedskirt made to give the bed a more masculine touch. 
The Duralee "Ava" fabric was my jumping off point for the space and looked great with the monogrammed coverlet we scored in her linen closet.

I added pops of yellow to the crib, but kept it very simple with Pottery Barn crib bedding (piped in chocolate) so not to take away from Ann's painted wall. 
I stole this antique pine desk from the client's hallway and added a needlepoint zebra bench that was stashed in a corner of her living room. You can see a close-up of the gray and ivory linen drapes. Yes, of course, they are zebra. The tan border on the face makes them less serious and adds another color. 
I "borrowed" the tobacco basket from her den. It adds another texture, plus it is totally unexpected. 
These antique boat prints were taken out of her hallway and work as the perfect boy accessory
The owls are "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil" -- ironic since that is what I have been trying to do for the last 6 months!
More texture...and a pillow that screams "boy"...
The yellow faux bois rug not only cozies up the space with a woodsy vibe, but it is indoor/outdoor (meaning: spit-up proof) and still comfy on little knees. 

The barrel chandelier is reclaimed wood and metal and was a big improvement over sad little fan. 

The French Gray dresser is from Wisteria and doubles as a changing table. I recovered her glider in a rich chocolate velvet and updated her ottoman with the Ava fabric. 
So that's it! The surprise space for a healthy baby boy. Congratulations to my dear client and her beautiful new family of 5! Thank you for letting me be a part of it all and for trusting me with your secret. 
OK dear readers... What do you think? Please, please tell us. 
We get tons of comments on Facebook and via email and are oh so grateful... But, come on, as thankful as we are for your sweet comments, we are, in fact "bloggers". We live for our comments and quite frankly, we look like losers. Yes, with a capital "L". So, please tell us what you think and comment ON OUR BLOG. 
Ok, sounding a little desperate, so off to ward off pregnancy rumors. 

Bye bye birdie,

Credit to: All of those people who tried to get me to cave and to God for letting this NOT be one of those times when the ultrasound was mistaken.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

They're Calling for Back Up

It's that time. When rising Kindergarten students are required by the state to get their school booster shots. Oh yeah. It's bad enough when there is one child. Try taking 2 five year old boys (who had been pre-warned by busy-body big sister) for 5, count them, 5 shots each. Check out the reaction when the they found out the shots were for REAL.
Note to self, schedule appointment early in the morning so there is no time for anticipation. Cheaper that way for bribes too. By 2:00 appointment, have spent $10 on toys, $8 on ice cream and promised new Car's Movie (in 3D). Reality sets in.

Needless to say, it didn't go very well. I had to slip away for a minute to fill out paper work and when I returned, one twin was missing. Hmmmm. 

Click below to see the You Tube video of the twins...
Watch What Happened Here...

When they finally came out from under the sink and it was GO time, I couldn't take pictures because I was one of 3 adults holding them down. Hope your day was better than mine.

Bye bye birdie...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Hutson and Flanner!

5 years ago today, we were blessed with two healthy baby boys. Today, they are all grown up, talking a mile a minute (mainly potty talk), wrestling, climbing everything that will stay still, getting ready for Kindergarten and bringing us more joy than we ever imagined. 
Happy 5th Birthday Hutson and Flanner! We love you so much!

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