Monday, September 19, 2011

Babies to Big Boys!

The twins just started Kindergarten. You may recall my tiny nervous breakdown. What's a mom to do when her last babies leave the nest?

A complete overhaul on their room, of course! It's like retail therapy but taken up a notch. Suddenly they were coming home saying things like: Dude and Duh.
Letter People and stuffed animals seemed a little too "babyish" for my too cool for school boys. I decided work around my leopard rug because I love it (and it hides all stains) and start over with big boys in mind.
Tight budget means no $ for headboards, but Ann's vision of pallet headboards were not only free (thanks Jane), but perfect for their new look. 
Wouldn't it be fun to add some of these to each headboard? 
(via Rockett St. George)
 Because Ann was so creative with the headboards, I just couldn't bother her with the wall, so I decided to tackle it on my own. Let's suffice it to say that it involved math -- not my strongest subject... and patience (another characteristic I'm strongly lacking).  
 I bought some ready-made panels and hung them with $4 worth of rope from Lowes. 
 Found some canvases covered in stitched hide and hung them with a shelf made of brackets and reclaimed wood. Just had to throw in my favorite "see no evil, hear no evil" owls. (Yes boys, I can see all evil).
 Tired of my cheesy ceiling fan with ugly frosted globe, I simply removed the globe and added a cool orange burlap shade. The boys love their fan, so replacing it with a light fixture simply would not do. 
I added my old farm table as a desk so they can do their "homework" (ahem, coloring within the lines and tracing letters).

 I filled flannel boxes with "homework" supplies (crayons).
 Bought a beautiful mid-century dresser on Craig's List and had it painted in high gloss "chelsea gray" (Ben Moore). I love the lines (and color) because it can grow up with them. 
 I stole this painting (from my parent's who don't know what a blog is, so I'm safe). It was in their garage with a stash of my super-talented brother's work. He's a budding architect and amazing artist. 
 Couldn't pass up this Missoni frame from Target. 
 And loved the wire hanging baskets I found at Homegoods for books. The tee-pee in the corner is for campouts and was decorated by your's truly and my artists in residence. 
A little reading nook (even though they can't read), we're hopeful. The room wouldn't be complete without blankie who even got a special washing for the room re-do. 
Overall, I think it turned out great. Not to mention, tonight, the twins are sleeping in their new room. Big step because for some strange reason, my "big boys" have been finding their way into my bed every night. 

Bye bye birdie...

P.S. If you are interested in the bamboo headboards, drapes or some of the art/accessories in the "baby boys'" room, you're in luck. They're for sale!  
Just shoot me an email: and I'll send you some photos and details. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Door Diary

It's finished! Thank you to all of the curious readers who were dying to know what I did to my door. Lucky for you, I won't give a play by play, because it was pretty traumatic. Needless to say, the doors are redone, hung (actually close) and lock (just in case you are planning to rob me). Remember the dilemma of the front door -- what to do? Paint, take it down to it's natural wood? Here it is before...
And here (after much stripping)...
I got all kinds of advice: Leave it, paint it, take it down to it's natural wood. My husband's suggestion was to perhaps check myself into a program. Ann thought this was a little too rustic. Coming from someone who loves everything rustic, I had to keep going and I'm happy I did. What do you think?
And yes, my windows are always that clean.

I glazed it with a white wash stain so it wouldn't look too orange.
 I think it works with the rest of the house except that it made my other door look very sad and decrepit. It's metal with dents (character) and it has a doggie door. Here's the thing. We don't have a dog. 
I set out to redo this door. Why? You ask. It looks like it belongs on a brownstone on Sesame Street. Behold, I have a vision. 
Which is totally shot down when this happens. See here. So after ALL of that...
I ended up with this. Design is a process, right? Since I couldn't decide whether or not to paint, I did one of each. This makes my laundry room that much more fun. See what it opens into here. Was it worth it you ask? No. Not at all. Waaaayyyy too much work for a girl who hates to paint, strip. etc. 

Bye bye birdie,

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni Mahem

7:25 pick up carpool by accident. Not my day to drive
7:40 Must be sign from God 
7:55 Pull in Target parking lot with more luxury SUV's than private carpool line.
7:58 Feeling out of place in pajamas and VW mini-van with gum stuck to side.
7:59 Casually elbow girl with blown-out hair getting out of black Escalade to get in front of door
8:00 Bee line for Missoni racks. 
Can't run because wearing these. 
 Mean girl puts all of the luggage in her cart because she has  been up since midnight crashing Target site (must get life) and is filling up her cart to decide later what she is keeping. Evidently she is traveling around the world. 

I snag one of the bags on left for my "must have, can't live without work tote". Laptop, paint deck, measuring tape. I mean, how professional am I? 
Mean girl thought she needed this dress too (in every size, just in case she becomes pregnant or bulimic) so I only got the sweater. Still, it was a score. 

Really wanted every single home item they had but was starting to feel like a one trick pony who decorates only in zig zag. Almost bought these for the client that is getting this delivered to her living room tomorrow morning....
This is not Missoni. It is an antique patch-work Oriental over- dyed in Fuchsia. It's killer in person. Couldn't you just see the pillows on a Charcoal Sofa like this one from Jonathan Adler... 
They certainly would have been a nice touch with...
a tray like this on her waterfall lucite table...
Oh yeah, I would be seeing all of that in my client's living room tomorrow if mean girl hadn't taken them all. 

9:00 Done shopping. Having buyer's remorse, may have to take Missoni Must Haves back to Target in order to be able to afford groceries.

Did you "Expect More and Pay Less" (than real Missoni) today? What did you score?

Mean girl, if you are reading this: Don't wear all of the pieces at once. It looks good in the ad, but not in real life.

Bye bye birdie,

credit to: Fashionista, Target, Jonathan Adler

Monday, September 12, 2011

HELP!!! Project # 375...

Dare I say I'm going to start another project and show you the result by (gasp) next week? This is Ann, not Hooper, she would show you the result tomorrow. Remember, I still have a toilet in my dining room. -It is in a box though.... Anyway, I think this is an easy project and something I can complete in a day. I have been wanting to do this for a long time. I just need your help in deciding what to do. When you enter my front door, the stairs are in your face in front of you; there is about 1 inch clearance when you swing the door open. Our old house has lots of quirks like this! I have been dying to paint them. But what?
Here is a little tutorial, my riser is bright white and my tread is old pine (I do not think I want to paint the pine, it is pretty and goes with the house...)

But, if I did... hot pink! How fun are these stairs and so simple!

Even if you haven't been drinking you might feel as though you have by the time you get to the top of these stairs...

so, this is the one I keep coming back to... only I would just paint the number on my white riser. So, no 'runner' effect.

liking this too... different colors, like a Dash and Albert rug look...

This is a Novogratz special. Cool in theory... emergency room visits in reality...

Another Novogratz project... I do like the subtle colors

But I'm not very subtle and THIS IS MY FAVORITE! This is actually Orla Kiley wallpaper on the risers. I could paint that  in different colors. Don't you love it!?!

So... HELP! What should I do? Have you seen any cool stairs I need to see before starting this project? Your input is greatly appreciated. Hooper doubts I will have this done in a week. I must prove her wrong!

Bye,bye Birdie,

Credit: Google Images, Absolutely Beautiful Things, The Design House, Living Etc...

Friday, September 9, 2011

New Door? New Husband?

1950's door for laundry room entry: $50
Sweat Equity: 20 hours
Paint: $19
Hardware: $100
Husband Hangs door and installs hardware: PRICEY

 Yep, those are socks. Wrong hole, wrong size.
Pair of socks to stuff in holes: $3.99
New, old door: $200
Real Handy man: $200
Keeping my sanity: Priceless

For those of you who have been asking about my front door, don't worry, it turned out great. Photos next week!

Now onto our Shabby Apple Giveaway! Ann and I would like to announce the winner...

Congratulations to Tracy from Slice of Smith Life, she is the lucky winner of a Shabby Apple dress. 

We will contact you Tracy to get all of the details and ship your prize! Thanks to all who joined as followers, liked us on FB and left comments.

Next giveaway... may be my husband.

Bye bye birdie,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A few rug picks and... a GIVEAWAY!!

Jeff (hubby) has been out of town for  a week. He gets back today ...woohoo! If I were Hooper I would have painted the whole house, wallpapered a few rooms, put hardwoods upstairs and done an addition. But... I'm not Hooper. It's taken everything in me to get kids to school, practices, and feed them. (Though I did manage to get the foam and fabric to seamstress for my camp bed -can't wait to show you soon!) Jeff not being here has given me complete access to late night dates with Overstock. Seems we've been looking for a lot of rugs lately for different projects. Check out a few of my Overstock fave's...

Still liking zig zag rugs....

 Remember when D.B. used a similar rug on Color Splash with a farm table and ghost chairs?...

Indoor/ outdoor baby!!!!
a simple dhurrie can go almost anywhere...

I'm diggin the flamestichesque zig zag (diggin it a lot) Also diggin that word I just made up...

A little Amy Butler goes a long way... foyer anyone?


And now on to my traditional pick.... 

Love the saturated colors... Bold and traditional all at the same time...You know its time for red to come back around!

Check out Overstock- there are some great finds!! And do not forget our Shabby Apple Giveaway. You can comment on any post this week for a chance to win. Drawing is Friday!

Bye bye Birdie,

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