Monday, January 30, 2012

Help...out with the old, in with the new?

I didn't think anything was wrong with my rug... In fact, I really liked my living room rug. It made the room feel calm, cohesive and pretty....

Then while Hooper and I were shopping at a friends house (yes, peaking in her closets looking for good castaways) I found this rug...

It's not calm or serene BUT the reds, teals, black, and oranges were calling to me. So since I always listen when accessories are calling my name, I brought it home to try...(moved some things around to make it work...)

and...I think I'm in love... Out with the old, in with the new?... What do you think? Which is better?

Do I remain calm and serene or go punchy?

Happy Monday...
Bye, bye Birdie,

Friday, January 27, 2012

Target hits the Bullseye everytime

Have you ever gotten out of Target spending less than $100? I haven't. And, if I had it, I could spent $1000 and furnish an entire room. Check out these amazing finds for sprucing up a room. I snapped them up while grocery shopping. 
Wouldn't a pair of these be beautiful with a colored silk shade?
                 Maybe a peach or gray shade in this bedroom?
 For $24.99, he would look killer on your book case. Remember this room?
I spy with my little eye... a horse that cost more than $24.99 (don't tell my client).
 This pillow is flocked and so pretty. Wouldn't it look amazing in here?

 I bought one of these pillows for the house in the mountains. The pattern is sewn leather and is accented with nail heads. Its going in a man's study with this fabric:
I love this shade too. That's a lot of bang for your buck for $12.99. 
Add a light kit and you have great pendants!
Wouldn't they be great in this room?

This is one of my all time favorites. It's on sale for $89 

It would be gorgeous in this room as a side table or as a pair to create a low coffee table.
And last, but certainly not least, check out this butterfly stool.
Isn't it a great Sori Yanagi knock off? I mean, Yliving has this version for $645. The Target version is $111.
So, no. I have determined that it is impossible to walk out of Target spending less than $100. Now you know why.
Bye bye birdie,

Credit to Simple Dwellings, Lonny Mag, DecorPad,

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Road Trip and a Rug for Sale

So Ann and I took a road trip to Raleigh to finish up two sweet little boys' rooms. We (um, I mean Ann) also needed to paint a killer wall in their playroom.  More on that later...
First things first. This four year old little boy had some cute bedding to start with so we added some red Ikat pillows...
 Some funky touches...
 With a western vibe...
 Of course, every western room needs a touch of hide...
 And a bullseye! Ann painted this bullseye on his wall as a fun focal point. Cute huh? 

Perfect for a four year old little cowboy...
Now onto his baby brother's new space. The mom wanted him to graduate to a big boy bed. Lucky for us, she had a family heirloom that was perfect for the space... The little antique bed made for an easy transition from the crib. Now, he just needed a more grown up room (he's 2). 
 Ann painted the walls with a horizontal stripe
 That we accented with custom drapes, a new custom slip cover and bedding and...
 A fun dhurrie rug from Shades of Light...
It adds a great pop of color to the floor. 
 We found this dresser and distressed mirror at Homegoods...
I love the top.
 And some cute accessories for a bookcase we moved out of the playroom. 
 Marimekko pillows pick up the green in the drapes...
This is the drapery Fabric and was the jumping off point for room...
What do you think? All in a days work!

And last, but not least, the playroom. We aren't finished quite yet, but I will give you some hints. 
It will be TDF (to die for) when this rug arrives. 
The room was a challenge because the client wanted to hide the clutter. Hellllooo!!! it's a playroom. Small dilemma. It's also right off of the main entry (as in the first thing you see when you walk in), so clutter just wasn't working for us. We found solutions (boy did we) and when the rug arrives, we'll show you the final product. In the meantime... here is a second hint. 
We wanted it to have more of the vibe of the living room and entry, so we decided to take out the oh so cute rug (see below) and post it on our blog FOR SALE. Lucky you! That's right, you could be the proud owner of the Rugby Stripe Rug. 100% wool, 8X10 rug from Pottery Barn. It's in great shape and would be the perfect addition to a kids room, playroom or kitchen at a FRACTION OF THE PRICE. Email us or comment if you are interested and we'll pass along the details.  
(view when you walk in the front door).

Thanks for coming along on our road trip. 
Bye bye birdie,

Monday, January 23, 2012

Footstool or Bust!

I wanted to share with you what life is like working/being friends with Hooper... It all began with an email....
The email was titled: I Need 2!!! and this picture of a footstool was attached.
After talking to Hooper, I learned this was the greatest footstool she'd ever seen and 2 in her living room would change her life. BUT our Homegoods and ALL the Homegoods in Raleigh only had more in red not white.  For the NORMAL person that would have been the end of the story... For Hooper, just the beginning...

So Sunday, I am relaxing and this comes across my phone titled:
"The things I'd do for a footstool" (oh dear...)

my response to her text:  OMG- did u go out of town and drag your family like innocent bystanders to find one? Where r u? Myrtle Beach? U r on crack...

 Later when I spoke to her I realized Read (her hubby) and kids had no idea why they went to Myrtle Beach. When the family was tossing around ideas of what to do Sunday, Hooper casually threw out let's go to M.B. and eat at Planet Hollywood (3 miles from Homegoods).
What a fun Mom! They all thought it was a great idea! Hooper had the footstool on hold in MB 'til Sunday night. A detail no one really needed to know...
But, Hooper was right... It does look gorgeous...
And did she really do anything more then multi task?

Great find Hooper and what a deal at $79.99. (we're just not counting the gas-$50, lunch-$60, aquarium-$40, mini golf- $30 and ice cream-$20)

Happy Monday,
Bye, bye birdie,

Friday, January 20, 2012

So Deeply Thankful

The past two weeks have been surreal. My sweet dad, who means the world to me, had a massive heart attack. I have struggled with whether or not to mention it on the blog, but it has been one of those weeks that has become pivotal. Everything that happens is now defined by "before the heart attack" and "after". 

My dad is alive and recovering and words cannot express how thankful I am that he is still with us. I try to be constantly aware of how precious each moment is with our loved ones, but struggle, as we all do, in the midst of  the daily chaos and stress that we all face, to cherish each moment. Life is so very short and every day that we have been given, is a true gift. 

My dad doesn't read my blog, but if he did, I would tell him how much I adore him, how thankful I am to be his daughter and I pray for many many more years with him. I would tell him that he is the reason I chose a kind, loving man to marry and the reason I wanted children -- so that I could strive each and every day to be the kind of parent he has always been to me. 

To all of my dear friends that may read this, your prayers and support have meant everything to me. And to everyone please take today and every day forward to cherish your loved ones.

God bless you,

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

OH DEER.....

Every now and then the stars align and I walk into Home Goods and find something screaming my name. I buy it, bring it home and rearrange my entire house to make the perfect spot....

do you see him?....

Do you love him?....(I know, I know- a little trendy and sometimes over done)
can you still believe he was at Home Goods waiting for me? I love that he is little, so he can be surrounded by some of my other fave things. (Did you spy the nude charcoal I brought as carry on back from London) Jeff "didn't get it" but I love it!!!!

I love the real antlers mounted in this image, in fact I'm diggin lots about this room. I also love that this whole article is about upcycling. see here. I have a lot of upcycling happening myself... (nice way of saying junk in my house?)
Same house... picture wall (I'm obsessed) I already have my own scary portraits. See here. I just can't bring myself to buy portraits of people I don't know.... though I come across them in my fave junk shops all the time...

As I am running out of wall space (AND still collecting things for the walls) I find myself more and more drawn to picture/ anything you can hang walls. The more chaotic the better.

Direct reflection of my life? hmmmm....

How bout you, any good finds lately? design obsessions?

Bye, bye Birdie,

Monday, January 16, 2012

AMAZING kitchen remodel

You may remember this room.
I worked on this living room last year and ever since that room was finished, the client has been cooking up her new kitchen. I WISH I could say I had something to do with this, but my client has fabulous taste and has had this plan in her mind for quite some time. Her BEFORE kitchen had linoleum floors, and dated cabinetry and she wanted something that would be in keeping with her home.
 She had a very large space to work with and wanted to maximize space.                        BEFORE:
I invited myself went over for coffee on Friday and was blown away by the AFTER. So much so, it was difficult to leave and I have to admit I was tempted to sneak over Saturday morning for coffee too.
 Isn't it breathtaking?
It's cream and gold. It's divine!
 She added a banquette and built-ins.
 Her amazing accessories have a perfect spot.
 A breakfront filled with light...
filled with exquisite things.
 Lighting that compliments the kitchen and every room in her house...

 The cabinetry on the island is a dark walnut stain with brass accents and Carrara marble tops. 
While the rest of the cabinetry is a yummy cream with a chocolate glaze. 
 And my absolute favorite part.... a brick floor laid in a herringbone pattern. It is soft to the foot (I know because I took my shoes off) and it is warm and inviting. Pretty great huh?
Happy Monday,
Bye bye birdie,
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