Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2 Ann Schutte's and a Before and After.....

So, here's a fun fact... Jeff and his brother both married Ann's. Yes, that means 2 Ann Schutte's (and you thought one was enough)

We have kids all around the same age so getting together is a blast! Friday we loaded up and headed their way for the weekend.  The other Ann and I had big plans... We were on a mission to lighten up her living and dining room. (The hubby's had big plans to watch football the kids.)

The other Ann started by sending me her inspiration for the rooms...
(another fact: the other Ann is what we call each other!)

I spy with my little eye.... Tango Tangerine! Yes! We get to update with the color of the year! When I got there we started with the living room...


The room was pretty, just a little heavy. It didn't feel as young and fun as my sis in law & brother in law are. So by making a few changes, we got to this....

Removing the valances allowed light to pour in. Eventually, linen panels will go up. A new rug (Home Goods!) , new pillows, chair and accessories made a big change. We painted (Yes, we, the 2 Ann's) the walls a lighter gray/blue and changed out all the art. By shopping in Ann's house first we only ended up buying one thing for the walls.

The other Ann found this great mirror and because my niece and nephew's are so cute, it was easy to accessorize the mantle with their pics!

On our shopping excursion we randomly went to a consignment shop near her house. We bought this chair for... are you ready...$20. What?!? It took everything in me not to knock the other Ann down, grab the chair and run for it. But that would have made future holidays a little awkward....

The butterfly pillow was an extra from another project. I love it on the black sofa! A lacquered tray brightens up the ottoman and gives them another spot to set drinks. Though only sippy cups are allowed in here now! 

But, you can take drinks into the dining room...
This is where we began in there:

Again, this is a pretty room. It just isn't reading young, fun family.
So, we took it to here...


The room was originally going to be painted the same grey/blue in the living room. But at the last minute I decided to throw that color on the ceiling and try peach on the walls. Not 80's peach but instead a really, really light orange. That sounds better...right? I think it turned out beautifully and the other Ann loves it!

Lighting is a great place to add a little funk. I found this drum shade at Maran Anderson (a fave spot of mine in Wilmington). It is 30" tall and narrow. We bought a light kit from Lowe's and the hubby's turned it into a pendant. The 6x9 rug rode with us from Wilmignton. (it shared the back of the car with 4 kids).  

Clipping and swagging the new linen drapes kept the windows traditional and casual all at the same time! ...And works because the windows are very narrow and symmetrical in the room. The other Ann had some pretty bird plates that we added to the wall. Do you see the inspiration vase? Looks great next to the new lamp!

The dining room still needs layers that will come over time but for now, The other Schutte's have an updated space that is more reflective of the hip family they are!

Thanks to my sister in law (the other Ann) and brother in law for letting me help you with your home!

Bye, bye Birdie,


Unknown said...

I love it!!! Looks amazing. Great job!!

My Interior Life said...

Great job, Ann! I know the other Ann must be thrilled. It looks amazing and much younger and fresher!!

the other Ann said...

We absolutely love it Ann! It was so much fun working with you. We are so lucky to have such a talented sister in law. The rug in the living room has become my favorite by far. Thanks for convincing me to give it a chance.

Now on to my foyer and kitchen . . . :)

Lindsey Suggs said...

Ohhhh I would just about kill for that chippendale chair...Looks great!

Ronda said...

love your blog and love your designs!

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