Monday, January 16, 2012

AMAZING kitchen remodel

You may remember this room.
I worked on this living room last year and ever since that room was finished, the client has been cooking up her new kitchen. I WISH I could say I had something to do with this, but my client has fabulous taste and has had this plan in her mind for quite some time. Her BEFORE kitchen had linoleum floors, and dated cabinetry and she wanted something that would be in keeping with her home.
 She had a very large space to work with and wanted to maximize space.                        BEFORE:
I invited myself went over for coffee on Friday and was blown away by the AFTER. So much so, it was difficult to leave and I have to admit I was tempted to sneak over Saturday morning for coffee too.
 Isn't it breathtaking?
It's cream and gold. It's divine!
 She added a banquette and built-ins.
 Her amazing accessories have a perfect spot.
 A breakfront filled with light...
filled with exquisite things.
 Lighting that compliments the kitchen and every room in her house...

 The cabinetry on the island is a dark walnut stain with brass accents and Carrara marble tops. 
While the rest of the cabinetry is a yummy cream with a chocolate glaze. 
 And my absolute favorite part.... a brick floor laid in a herringbone pattern. It is soft to the foot (I know because I took my shoes off) and it is warm and inviting. Pretty great huh?
Happy Monday,
Bye bye birdie,


bluehydrangea said...

So good!! I am going to have to file this for my "one day" file because certainly one day I 'll get a new kitchen, right? And her before is even better then my kitchen right now!!

Rady's Rave said...

love the banquette! I am in need for a table like that, any suggestions where to find one?

Tammy@InStitches said...

What a transformation, I love it !

Ideal Home Improvement said...

The brick floor really adds a unique touch. It's certainly something that's not seen very often in a modern kitchen remodel.

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Wow, it's just exquisite!

H.G. The Countess said...

Fo rizzle!? I love it. What a transformation.

Linda in AZ * said...

*** OOOOOH, this turned out SOOOO BEAUTIFULLY!!!!!!!! "W*O*W"!!!!!!

Linda in AZ *

Henry Murray said...

Wow! A living area converted into a kitchen and dining area. And oh, changing the linoleum with bricks for the floor is excellent idea. Congratulations!
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Anne said...

I like the idea of renovating these kitchens. The designs are very eye-catching and compelling. I am stunned with the ideas of making these kitchens more fabulous. By the way, I also love the banquette. perth home renovations

Chealsey Hersh said...

It is definitely breathtaking! I'm loving the brick floors. The combination of brick floor, your paint color, and cabinets looks so chic. Seeing your new kitchen made me want to renovate my kitchen. Great job!

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Jennifer Swift said...

The color of the walls complemented well with the color and design of your furniture and appliances. The simplicity of the color white paint has brought out the elegance in the room.

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