Monday, January 9, 2012

When I win

Park City Utah is one of my ALL time favorite places, which makes it totally convenient that HGTV is giving away the 2012 dream home in Park MOI. It is the perfect size for my family and since I'm already familiar with the area, it is the perfect fit.  
 I have registered every single day and just know I am the winner. Plus, I can cry on cue, so when they show up to surprise me, it will make for the perfect giveaway show.
 I can sit in the family room and watch HGTV 24-7 while my family hits the slopes and I got some of these for Christmas, so I'm dressed and ready to go!
I don't ski and almost die each time I attempt it, so I will have plenty of time to...
prepare a lovely dinner for my friends that I meet here. 
Perhaps I will make Italian? That way, when George Clooney stops by, it will remind him of dining on Lake Como. 
 This room is perfect for Graham AND its her favorite color. It's a shoe-in.
 The guest room is very Ralph Lauren and I would love it if you would come and stay with me! The more the merrier. 
Robert Redford and I can sit back, relax and have a glass of vino on my back porch. 
Apre' ski (ummm spa), I can relax in my hot tub and look at design mags on my chaise. Please do come out and see us at our new dream home. We would love to show you around the coolest western locale.
Bye bye birdie,

credit to: HGTV

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Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Shall I bring a bottle of red or white?

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