Monday, February 13, 2012

Go towards the Light....

How many lamps are in your house? I realize I have a bit of a lamp fetish. There are 13 table lamps in my (small) house. Oh, not counting the 3 in my closet, sitting on the floor, waiting for the perfect spot. I can't help it... Check these out that I got at the One Tree Hill set auction...
Don't you love them? Can't you just see them with big white drum shades? Too bad they do not go with my house (yet). These might end up at the barn sale. Yes, we are thinking about another barn sale this spring! See here.

Let me know if you think you must own them... they might be for sale now. (MIGHT)

Happy Monday!
Bye, bye Birdie,


Melissa said...

Me-- I would love to own them-- price?:-)

Bri said...

Me, Me, Me! Ann- I'd also be interested in a price if Melissa didn't snag them.

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