Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring is here!

Spring has arrived (at my house anyway). To prepare, I have been doing a little Spring cleaning. Disclaimer: What you are about to see will (at first) be very annoying (in a good way) and make you feel like you must either:
1. Be incredibly unorganized or 
2. Convince you that I have some type of disorder. 
 I blame everything on Martha Stewart. She started this whole damn thing. I stumbled across her (very affordable) selection of labels at Staples while buying some computer paper. 8,000 chalkboard labels later and every glass jar at Homegoods, I tackled my pantry. 
It's so pretty, I have stopped feeding my kids (just kidding). Can you stand it? I thought I was done until I came across a pic of chalkboard painted pantry doors on Pinterest. Of course, I need this. In the photo, the pantry goddess writes grocery lists and menus on her pantry doors. I can't write menus because I don't know what we are having until about 12 minutes before my husband walks through the door, so that's out. I am writing the grocery list on them for now. It works great. I get to the store and can't remember what I wrote so I just buy whatever looks good. My kids have started writing messages to me. Like: Buy candy. Still it's cool. 
Speaking of Spring... my house (on the exterior) was starting to look haunted with all of the dead plants, leaves and spiky dead things coming out of my planters so... 
Ann reminded me that they might freeze and it isn't really Spring. I'm sure I will bring them in when it's too cold out. In the meantime, I'm in denial and must go so I can address my disorders.
Bye bye birdie,

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kitchen pantry storage cabinet said...

Wow! This looks great! I am so impressed!

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