Friday, February 17, 2012

When it rains it pours...

Hooper's kids have been sick all week. Poor Hooper, I thought, I'm so glad my kids rarely get sick. I should never of thought that... Molly's been trying to hack up a lung since Wednesday and last night Addie barfed on me. Sometimes its hard to work and face the world with a smile when all H- E -double hockey stick is breaking loose at home. I showed up at my boot camp class in tears the other night and really would like to crawl in bed for the weekend except there is puke in it...
(sorry for the whining).
On to brighter things....The March issue of House Beautiful is all about the color green. (Run get it now) I have a love hate with green rooms... Of course, it's Hooper's favorite color.
I love this Miles Redd room.... I love how everything is so simple except the art
I love when rooms just go for it... gold ceiling? love... I would like to visit this room but not live in it. And that's the problem, I do appreciate the saturated color of it all, and I like the freshness of green BUT I think I would grow sooooo tired of it. Hooper would think she died and went to heaven.
unless... it's pops of green (I do LOVE black and white with pops of green...)
Word is, Hooper's kids are back in school. Wish I could say the same for mine. For now, I'll just escape to my House Beautiful. Have a happy, healthy Friday!
Bye bye birdie,

Credit to: House Beautiful

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