Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Break 2012

When I was a little girl, we spent the summers at Bald Head Island. It was quite the adventure back then (we won't say how long ago). No phones, TV's, no stores, shops, restaurants. It was good old fashioned fun. We spent the days looking for shells, alligators, catching turtles, swimming and exploring. Now it has the convenience of a grocery store, clubs, pools and planned activities and we try to take our children as often as we can so... Spring Break... here we come! I have gotten in a very bad habit of selecting a vacation rental based on decor. Not sure this is how most (including my hubby) would go about the process. Price, location, proximity to the water/golf/attractions. Not me. Check out this completely remodeled villa where we will be spending Spring Break!
 They had me at the Egg chair. 
 Hello! How long have I wanted a swinging bed (ok that sounded bad). 
 Driftwood mirror AND and amazing outdoor space? My husband saw the TV and that's all it took.

 West Elm zig-zag... 

 I love how they did the built-in bunks -- perfect for all of my kids. 
Isn't it just divine! I can't wait to tell you all about it! 
Bye bye birdie,

credit to: Tiffany's Rentals, Villa 28

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Before and After Project with my Brothers!

For the past several months I have been working on a dream project! I was called in to help overhaul a house for a young family. The house was dark and too formal for their casual living needs. They wanted walls down, light pouring in, all new furniture and custom touches galore. Pinch me! Not only did this appeal to my inner architect BUT I got to work on the project with my very talented brothers.

(My cute bro's John and Lindley of Sound Side Carpentry)

Together we designed the built ins and hashed out the details that would reflect the homeowners style and wants. We tackled the Living room, Dining room, Kitchen and Guest bath...



By opening up a wall, we created a bar between the kitchen and living room. The bar surface is concrete which is a nice modern blend with their existing granite. 2 over sized pendants add personality and fun while a new fireplace surround and barn wood mantle are now more reflective of the homeowners style. (get a peak of the built in wine rack leading into the dining off the foyer!)

The custom built in houses a TV my hubby would love to own (sorry Jeff...) and has a desk for their cute daughter to eventually use for homework and a spot for a new mac! Jen from Fotojenik helped me with the install and did a great job with the shelves. (thx Jen!)

I loved the lamps that the homeowners already had and wanted to still use. I made them work by adding a butterfly pillow with a similar color to the sofa. I went light and airy on the sofas and rug but threw a lot of pattern together in the pillows and ottoman.

THE KITCHEN (no befores... my bad...)

Let their be light... Creating this bar completely opened the space and allowed for more natural light to pour in...

Making a larger opening from the kitchen to the dining room  helped with flow...

I had the upper cabinets painted a soft grey and the lowers painted one shade darker. They were originally a medium wood tone. The granite was existing but a new back splash and cabinet colors changed the dark, traditional vibe.

My bro's added the banquet which I kept simple with soothing colors, a smaller bamboo table and  traditional chairs. Coffee anyone?



The homeowners really wanted to keep the bow front chest (glad they did!) Soooo... we designed built ins for either side. The glass has an antique feel while the pulls and chandelier (fave!)  read modern. (Remember our word of the year was juxtaposition)

It's like a little piece of art...

Not only did my bro's do the built ins, wainscoting & construction, but they also whipped out a barn wood table for the dining room.  I think the room has a fun, whimsical feeling to it... It's not just for holidays now!


This was a typical builder bathroom...


A wise and talented blog partner ;) once told me to always treat guest baths  like little jewel boxes. I took her advice and tried to do just that. Thibaut wallpaper and a painted ceiling create a soothing space. While removing the sconces and adding the overhead lantern gives you something unexpected.

If you can sketch it, they can build it... My bro's always laugh  at my scribbled on scrap paper drawings, but
they always manage to figure them out and  these doors turned out exactly like they were in  my head. We used the existing cabinet box and added the doors and new pulls .

a teak top and vessel sink complete the custom look...

This project was so fun for me. The homeowners were awesome and I love when John, Lindley and I can work together. I am always amazed at their craftsmanship and artistry. Check out their etsy shop here and visit them here.

Let me know your thoughts... We love hearing from you!
Happy Monday!
Bye,bye birdie,

Credit to: Soundside Carpentry, Carve Surfaceworks

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Triptych Heaven...

I know you have seen this.... Don't you still love it!? I had a client that had to have it! She said the first time she saw it, she lost her breath...that's almost a direct quote. We all know that feeling...
It's Lord Bodner's Octopus in triptych... Love it in brown...

Thom Felicia used it in a dining room....

And I got to use it ....

here! So here is my question... does the table need something on it? Maybe a silver tray, interesting boxes? The room is super tall, so I didn't want to hang it any lower or take away from how cool it is...

Or, how cool the console and stools are. Hooper and I found these at  fall market...LOVE!!! This client has a fun eclectic, bohemian vibe happening in her house- speaking my language! It was hard for me to deliver the stools... They would be so happy at my house too!

Thoughts? I can not wait to show you the rest of the space. (As soon as the rug company finishes shearing the sheep to make the wool to make the rug...waiting!) 

Happy Thursday!
Bye, bye birdie,

credit to: google images, Thom Felicia

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Haven for 2 Sisters

I recently got a phone call from a new client/friend who wanted to switch her master with her girl's room. Initially, I thought... uhhh. why? Until I saw her amazing house and how much she and her husband adore their little girls. In about 2 minutes, she had me convinced. It is an older, historic Cape Cod with two bedrooms upstairs and one large shared bath in the hall. They have done a ton of amazing work on the home and her very talented husband can repurpose just about anything. Her little girl moved out of her nursery into her big sister's room (age 5), to be close to her. My sweet friend wanted both of her daughters to feel like they had their own new room to share. She didn't want the little one to feel like she was moving into the big one's space. So... they traded rooms.  I helped a little, but can't take credit for all of this. 

 They got bunk beds with a trundle for sleep overs and we ordered another Pottery Barn Kids quit for the bunks -- one in pink and one in green. 
 The antique chandelier was moved to the new room and pops against the new pink ceiling.
 The dormers make perfect alcoves and this room has two -- one for a study spot for each little girl. 
 Her handy hubby took an old curtain rod, and ran it from the floor to the ceiling with wooden braces on each end. He added pegs for the girls' hat collection and hung a mirror at their level for dress up.
 There is tons on storage opposite the bunks from a repurposed shelving unit. 
 There are details galore...
And my favorite, old record covers framed in glossy white frames. Isn't it dreamy! I can't wait to show you more of this house. Next stop, the little girls' room turned master!
Bye bye birdie,

Saturday, March 17, 2012

We are not Irish

We are not Irish. This, however, is what I woke up to... 

Oh yeah, my kids are determined to catch this... 
A creepy cute red headed guy that clicks his heels a lot and lives to be 300. Did I mention that when we trap him, he is going to live with us and we are to raise him as one of our children? (I have no idea where they get this stuff). These traps were quite elaborate.
 This one is decorated (evidently for a girl leprechaun). Yes, it's decorated, right down to the bedding and wool rug. Oh dear, I'm afraid the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Please note: I had nothing to do with this. You can imagine my surprise when I got home last night from a birthday party to find this set up with a video camera to "catch" the little green imp. Try finding a leprechaun at 11 pm on a Friday night. To make up for the fact that we are not the proud parents of a little green person, I made a St. Patrick's Day treat for breakfast. 
....Green pancakes with rainbow sprinkles and green syrup. I could get used to this Irish thing.Happy St. Patrick's Day!

bye bye birdie...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Famous American Day...

Yesterday was Famous American Day at Molly's school. All the first graders pick a famous American to study (past or present) and then  dress up and go on a school wide parade. My water baby  picked Bethany Hamilton. We made a surf board and dressed her in a wetsuit and explained it was ok that she had 2 arms because she isn't really Bethany Hamilton. But, Molly had other after I left her classroom and joined the  paparazzi (aka parents) lining the sidewalk waiting for the parade to begin, Molly had her teacher unzip her wetsuit and tuck her arm inside...

So as Ronald Reagan, Dolly Madison, and Martin Luther King Jr. passed I see Molly Bringing up the rear with a missing limb! I gasped, laughed and explained to the small terrified child beside me that Molly does infact still have both arms.

Happy Thursday...
Bye,bye Birdie,

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Flea Finds

Yesterday, I needed a pick me up. Sounds expensive huh? Not if you stumble upon a great little flea market! I visited Trash to Treasure Flea Market in Castle Hayne and will definitely go back. I went on a hunt for some bedside tables for a client and sadly didn't have any luck, but...

 And then there were 2! I bought the pair for $90 and am thinking about putting them on my porch. 
I could use them as side tables or put them together and use them as a coffee table? Should I paint them? They are iron and super cool. Let me know, I'd love your input. 
 I couldn't resist this Henredon faux bamboo mirror. Imagine it glossy white or a bright color...
Here is the same mirror at Circa Who, it sold for much more than I paid for mine! Plus, when I look at it, I see an "H" -- like it's calling my name. Maybe I should keep this too? 
I loved him, but he didn't make it home. A little too pricey at $250, but isn't he cool? He would be pretty under a console or in front of a fireplace. He is carved wood with a great patina.  And last, but certainly not least, one of my fave fabrics (retails for $42) is at Fabric Solutions, my favorite bargain fabric store.
  Pictured in the center, it is $7.99 a yard. Dwell Studio "gate" fabric is a steal and even prettier in person. 
Remember this wingback from Studio 123 in Raleigh? See here. Oh, the possibilities... Have a wonderful retail therapy filled day...
Bye bye birdie,

credit to: Studio 123, Circa Who,   
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