Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Haven for 2 Sisters

I recently got a phone call from a new client/friend who wanted to switch her master with her girl's room. Initially, I thought... uhhh. why? Until I saw her amazing house and how much she and her husband adore their little girls. In about 2 minutes, she had me convinced. It is an older, historic Cape Cod with two bedrooms upstairs and one large shared bath in the hall. They have done a ton of amazing work on the home and her very talented husband can repurpose just about anything. Her little girl moved out of her nursery into her big sister's room (age 5), to be close to her. My sweet friend wanted both of her daughters to feel like they had their own new room to share. She didn't want the little one to feel like she was moving into the big one's space. So... they traded rooms.  I helped a little, but can't take credit for all of this. 

 They got bunk beds with a trundle for sleep overs and we ordered another Pottery Barn Kids quit for the bunks -- one in pink and one in green. 
 The antique chandelier was moved to the new room and pops against the new pink ceiling.
 The dormers make perfect alcoves and this room has two -- one for a study spot for each little girl. 
 Her handy hubby took an old curtain rod, and ran it from the floor to the ceiling with wooden braces on each end. He added pegs for the girls' hat collection and hung a mirror at their level for dress up.
 There is tons on storage opposite the bunks from a repurposed shelving unit. 
 There are details galore...
And my favorite, old record covers framed in glossy white frames. Isn't it dreamy! I can't wait to show you more of this house. Next stop, the little girls' room turned master!
Bye bye birdie,

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