Friday, April 27, 2012


My house is a wreck!!! So bad that my husband walked through yesterday and asked if we needed to throw a party. He knows I'd bust it out if I thought (gasp) someone was coming over. Today is the first day all week that I can be home for 3 hours in a row. Hmmmm.... guess I have a date with Mr. Clean.

I need inspiration....
I found it in Richard McGeehan's get away "Hog House"

This is the room that got me... the walls, art, floors, red chairs, lights, door, lines.... Oh dear, I'm sweating ( glistening...

You would think concrete floors and all white walls would read cold but I find this room very comfortable and inviting...

I would love to show you more and tell you all about how great the March issue of Elle Decor is but you will have to run out and get your own copy because... I need to shovel out my own hog house.
Ever been tempted to clean the inside of your house with a leaf blower? I'll keep you posted...

Have a great weekend!
Bye,bye birdie,

credit: March Elle Decor, designer Richard McGeehan

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Closet Reveal!

I have been in the closet. Not in that way, but working on my boutique look. I can't afford to shop, so I figured I'd turn my closet into a pretty place to discover outfits I haven't worn in years. Can't say I'll look good, but at least my closet does. Last week, I showed you pictures of dream closets. I'm sick of Read's inability to keep his side neat. So, I came up with a solution! 
 I had some extra drapes from when we moved so I covered up the hanging clothes (because they are jammed in there) to give everything a neat, streamlined look. 
I added traverse rods to the face of the shelves so they would move easily. I love that the drapes have buttons at each pleat. Almost like a gown (or suit -- I told Read).
I filled the center shelves with pretty boxes (via Homegoods, $5.99) with scarves, belts and other things that make a closet look messy. 
I recently bought two of these at a local auction for $50 each because I adore the fabric and knew I would find them a home. 

 With pretty stick pins, I am able to organize my jewelry. Works much better than my previous system of digging through tangled necklaces in a drawer.
 I moved one of my favorite benches into the space and it fit perfectly!!
 Read's side has a full length mirror (which I find him looking in A LOT)... 
His side is totally covered and hides (suits, suits and more suits). Did I mention Read is a clothes horse? Also hides his balled up clothes that he attempts to fold.

 Finally, I removed the florescent lighting (not good for trying on clothes) and added two of these ($99 via Lowes). My closet is complete! What do you think? I'd love to hear from you! 

Bye bye birdie,

Monday, April 23, 2012

Bedroom Reveal

You may remember this shared girls room. The parents switched rooms with their girls in order to transform the space into a cozy master. The client's style is eclectic and layered. She wanted their room to feel organic and calm. Take a peek....
We added custom drapes, reclaimed wood side tables, and moved their wrought iron sconces from their "old" bedroom. 
 I love the reclaimed door to the closet. 
 We recovered a foot stool with Dwell Studio gate fabric and added a linen chair so she could have a reading nook. 
 Did I mention my client's husband is a master craftsman as a hobby and not only does amazing wood-working projects around the house, but built this beautiful boat? The images were so cool, that we blew them up and mounted them on the wall. Port City Signs did a beautiful job!

Take note of the desk area... we recovered a family heirloom chair and her hubby framed the small window with a cool design that brings even more personality to a small space. 

Happy Monday!

bye bye birdie,

Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Birthday To Graham!

9 years ago today, my sweet Graham was born! I can't believe she is growing up. 

 Happy Birthday Graham! We love you!

Closet Make Over

While Ann is contemplating a home office (practical), I'm contemplating a makeover for my closet (impractical). We (my husband and I, not Ann), share a closet. His and Her's. Sucks. 

Not because it isn't big enough... it is (if there is such a thing). I am very grateful that we each have our own space. Here's the problem: I keep my side neat (you know, label makers, baskets and bins and make-you-puke organization). 

He hangs up his clothes (God forbid they wrinkle), but then leaves the dirty clothes, worn shoes, stuffed in a bin. Needless to say, it seems to infect my side with messiness. What to do? I'm envisioning a boutique-like closet. You know, every girl's dream....
 I simply adore the color-coding, but let's get real. That would last a day and just the thought of a pink shirt getting out of order gives me anxiety. It gives me anxiety to think that a pink shirt may get stuck in with a red. This is out. Plus, Read is color blind, which explains why he never notices when I paint a room.
 Ok, this feels more like me, only with slightly less shoes. 
This might be my favorite. Mainly because it LOOKS organized. Everything is tucked away. There could be balled up shirts and things stuffed every which way, but you can't tell because it's hidden. I can't afford cabinets. Hmmmm. Stay tuned. I have an idea. Uh oh...
bye bye birdie,

credit to Pinterest

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Home Office?

Hmmm.... I think I need an office. Hooper has one, a great one right off of her foyer. It's pretty too... a little blingy and high style (shocker!) My "office" is in bags at the bottom of THE ONLY CLOSET IN OUR ENTIRE HOUSE. Our house is old, apparently no one needed to store anything back in the day (or, ummm 1970).

 While in Chicago at my sisters (have I mentioned I went there?) I was inspired by her home office...
Her husband has an office upstairs (a whole room) and Beth's is downstairs in a closet in her kitchen... At the center of it all! And when necessary (dinner party etc...) she can shut the door. It does help that her storage square footage is the same amount as my entire house. Still, if I could sacrifice OUR ONLY CLOSET this would be a great option.

Love the wallpaper in the closet, office. But the floating shelves would never give me enough storage!

I think I need a whole building... Maybe Jeff would like this in our goes with our farmhouse so well...But I do love it.

Simple, pretty, raw wood and painted floors...this office is my speed... Until we add on our move, The crammed bags in the bottom of the closet and the back of my car will have to suffice!

A girl can dream...
Bye, bye birdie
credit: Google Images

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I'm baaack! Jeff and I are home from our trip to Chicago and Indianapolis. Though I have never left the kids for that long, we had fun! My sista is in Chicago and we got to visit before J & I headed to a wedding in Indy.

While we were there, I had to snap a few pics of my sista's VERY ECLECTIC COOL HOUSE! She loves color, art, layers, Buddha, photos, books... you'll see!

This is the view from her foyer... color, texture, art EVERYWHERE!
Don't forget your window sills! If there is a horizontal surface, it is an opportunity for something! I am diggin the wooden heads especially when you can see them from outside.
The bar is our great grandmothers tea cart. My sistas southern roots show through all over the house. The booze sits on a pretty silver tray while a turkey platter from my grandmother fills the bottom shelf.

Buddha, a bible, some random relative, our great grandmother's  mink stole, and longhorns all live in harmony in her bookcase. Less is more is not welcome here. I love her ability to layer. Don't you think it all works?

I spy... the leather chair from the barn sale!

Her dining room is simple and pretty. Though she is DYING to replace the light fixture, the craftsman vibe of it seems to work. The room is anchored by cow hides (see, we are related) while photography from some the greats line the walls...
Her cabinet is filled with china and crystal. When we have wine, I get to pick my glass... She always asks  if I want to be one of our Grandmothers or great Grandmother... (I like drinking from my great grandmothers glasses!) The pheasants were always on my grandparent's mantle and I have the matching lantern from my Grandmother.

Beth's (Elizabeth to some) house is fun and filled! Her house is a perfect reflection of the fun family with in! (I'm not biased) I loved being with them and can not wait to show you more of her space... stay tuned!

Happy Tuesday
Bye, bye birdie.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Bargain Round up

I've been working on some projects and shopping for great deals. I wanted to pass some of them along, because I can't keep them all to myself!
 This lounge chair is on sale for $280.99 at Home Decorators. It comes in 3 finishes (black, gray and antique blue). It's hard to decide which I like better!
 I love this image from Matter's of Style and a Parson's bookcase can go anywhere.
 Imagine this $173.99 version from Home Decorators filled with books/statues...anything!
And flank it with these. They are to die for and no, they are NOT a good deal. They are on One Kings Lane right now, but could so easily be recreated. Buy a pair of wing backs on Craigslist and reupholster them. Aren't they yummy? I may just have to recreate them...
 These Vincent dining chairs from Ballard Designs are $269.99. FOR THE PAIR!
These bar beauties are from, drumroll please... Target. Oh yeah, and they are $99. 
I've been searching high and low for affordable lighting. Isn't this a great flush mount fixture? It's $159 on One Kings Lane and could spruce up any room.
What about you, have you seen any good deals lately? Pass them on...
bye bye birdie,

credit to: One Kings Lane, Matters of Style, Target, Ballard Designs, Home Decorators

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A New Old Ranch...

Thursday and Friday the girlies and I hit the road for some mother daughter bonding. We headed to my college friend, Laura Lynn's house in Chapel Hill. She and her husband recently purchased and gutted his childhood home. It was an average 60's ranch in a beautiful green rolling Chapel Hill setting. With a toddler, they wanted a more open concept family friendly home. I literally got there the day after they moved in so I promised not to show all the rooms (I promise a before and after post later!)

So come on in...
Wish I had the before... seriously, this was a ranch!

Of course I couldn't come with out painting something! Pale blue and grey zig zags make the mud room fun!
 (I love the light fixture they found... AND the old door leading to the laundry room)
For them, it was all about the details and bringing in the natural light...
Enter the Master bath...

marble floors, claw foot tub, I so wanted to take a bath but thought asking might be a little awkward!

Opposite the tub are his and her vanities. I spy with my little eye... barn wood! Yes, Soundside carpentry made some beautiful tops that look amazing next to the old pine doors. Love the old glass in the transom above the doors!

 I told my husband Chad and Laura Lynn now have my dream kitchen... simple and pretty.

The cabinets are a light grey while the island makes a statement in a greyed out teal...

If that was my new gas range I would definatly cook more. (Jeff, are you reading this?)  The range is now located against the old garage wall. Laura Lynn had it painted white and used a white subway in a herringbone pattern on the other 3 walls...

Apron front stainless sink (does it get any better?) You can never go wrong when industrial meets farm...

One of my fave things is this piece of furniture that they have had forever. It looks like they designed the space around it. It makes for great storage and is much better storing cookbooks and platters then blood. Yes, it is an antique blood bank out of a hospital. I have always coveted this piece!

Can't wait to show you more... Thanks Chad and Laura Lynn for letting us spring break at your new old house!

Don't ya love??? Whats your fave part?

Happy Tuesday
Bye, bye birdie,

credit: Soundside Carpentry
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