Monday, April 23, 2012

Bedroom Reveal

You may remember this shared girls room. The parents switched rooms with their girls in order to transform the space into a cozy master. The client's style is eclectic and layered. She wanted their room to feel organic and calm. Take a peek....
We added custom drapes, reclaimed wood side tables, and moved their wrought iron sconces from their "old" bedroom. 
 I love the reclaimed door to the closet. 
 We recovered a foot stool with Dwell Studio gate fabric and added a linen chair so she could have a reading nook. 
 Did I mention my client's husband is a master craftsman as a hobby and not only does amazing wood-working projects around the house, but built this beautiful boat? The images were so cool, that we blew them up and mounted them on the wall. Port City Signs did a beautiful job!

Take note of the desk area... we recovered a family heirloom chair and her hubby framed the small window with a cool design that brings even more personality to a small space. 

Happy Monday!

bye bye birdie,

1 comment:

Lori said...

Beautiful job. I loved it all so much! I especially like the closet door.

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