Friday, April 20, 2012

Closet Make Over

While Ann is contemplating a home office (practical), I'm contemplating a makeover for my closet (impractical). We (my husband and I, not Ann), share a closet. His and Her's. Sucks. 

Not because it isn't big enough... it is (if there is such a thing). I am very grateful that we each have our own space. Here's the problem: I keep my side neat (you know, label makers, baskets and bins and make-you-puke organization). 

He hangs up his clothes (God forbid they wrinkle), but then leaves the dirty clothes, worn shoes, stuffed in a bin. Needless to say, it seems to infect my side with messiness. What to do? I'm envisioning a boutique-like closet. You know, every girl's dream....
 I simply adore the color-coding, but let's get real. That would last a day and just the thought of a pink shirt getting out of order gives me anxiety. It gives me anxiety to think that a pink shirt may get stuck in with a red. This is out. Plus, Read is color blind, which explains why he never notices when I paint a room.
 Ok, this feels more like me, only with slightly less shoes. 
This might be my favorite. Mainly because it LOOKS organized. Everything is tucked away. There could be balled up shirts and things stuffed every which way, but you can't tell because it's hidden. I can't afford cabinets. Hmmmm. Stay tuned. I have an idea. Uh oh...
bye bye birdie,

credit to Pinterest

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