Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Closet Reveal!

I have been in the closet. Not in that way, but working on my boutique look. I can't afford to shop, so I figured I'd turn my closet into a pretty place to discover outfits I haven't worn in years. Can't say I'll look good, but at least my closet does. Last week, I showed you pictures of dream closets. I'm sick of Read's inability to keep his side neat. So, I came up with a solution! 
 I had some extra drapes from when we moved so I covered up the hanging clothes (because they are jammed in there) to give everything a neat, streamlined look. 
I added traverse rods to the face of the shelves so they would move easily. I love that the drapes have buttons at each pleat. Almost like a gown (or suit -- I told Read).
I filled the center shelves with pretty boxes (via Homegoods, $5.99) with scarves, belts and other things that make a closet look messy. 
I recently bought two of these at a local auction for $50 each because I adore the fabric and knew I would find them a home. 

 With pretty stick pins, I am able to organize my jewelry. Works much better than my previous system of digging through tangled necklaces in a drawer.
 I moved one of my favorite benches into the space and it fit perfectly!!
 Read's side has a full length mirror (which I find him looking in A LOT)... 
His side is totally covered and hides (suits, suits and more suits). Did I mention Read is a clothes horse? Also hides his balled up clothes that he attempts to fold.

 Finally, I removed the florescent lighting (not good for trying on clothes) and added two of these ($99 via Lowes). My closet is complete! What do you think? I'd love to hear from you! 

Bye bye birdie,


Meredith said...

You are kidding me! Those panels, the bench, the draperies... your closet is so glammy!!! Love it!!! What a beautiful, grown-up space!

Unknown said...

Love it Hooper! Especially the comment about Read looking at himself all the time. Maybe getting ready for work would be fun if I had a closet like this :).

Unknown said...

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