Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My old new desk....

I'm not going to be jealous that Hooper is still at Bald Head... I am happy for her... really, I am. My vacay is next week- Jeff and I are flying to Chicago to see my sis and fam and then on to Indy for a wedding. Alone. We are leaving all 4 kids here with friends and fam and blazing. We have never done that... ever. Check back in next week and see how I'm doing.

Anyhoo, While my girlies have been off this week (poor Jackson didn't get the week off...) I have been spring cleaning rearranging.

I finally got my secretary in my living room and my computer in my sun room. It's starting to feel like a grown up house
Remember this? See here.
and the winner is....

the lucite shield chair!

Remember these? See here.

I had lots of interest in these lamps BUT in the end we couldn't part. I've never had 2 lamps on my sideboard before. I'm not one for symmetry however I love these lamps so much -they both made the cut! Thinking about a DIY cork shade project- (I'll keep you posted)

Moving furniture and vacuuming  really took a lot out of me sooo I think today I'll go relax on the beach...

Happy Wednesday!
Bye, bye birdie,

Moving on to the dining room...

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