Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I'm baaack! Jeff and I are home from our trip to Chicago and Indianapolis. Though I have never left the kids for that long, we had fun! My sista is in Chicago and we got to visit before J & I headed to a wedding in Indy.

While we were there, I had to snap a few pics of my sista's VERY ECLECTIC COOL HOUSE! She loves color, art, layers, Buddha, photos, books... you'll see!

This is the view from her foyer... color, texture, art EVERYWHERE!
Don't forget your window sills! If there is a horizontal surface, it is an opportunity for something! I am diggin the wooden heads especially when you can see them from outside.
The bar is our great grandmothers tea cart. My sistas southern roots show through all over the house. The booze sits on a pretty silver tray while a turkey platter from my grandmother fills the bottom shelf.

Buddha, a bible, some random relative, our great grandmother's  mink stole, and longhorns all live in harmony in her bookcase. Less is more is not welcome here. I love her ability to layer. Don't you think it all works?

I spy... the leather chair from the barn sale!

Her dining room is simple and pretty. Though she is DYING to replace the light fixture, the craftsman vibe of it seems to work. The room is anchored by cow hides (see, we are related) while photography from some the greats line the walls...
Her cabinet is filled with china and crystal. When we have wine, I get to pick my glass... She always asks  if I want to be one of our Grandmothers or great Grandmother... (I like drinking from my great grandmothers glasses!) The pheasants were always on my grandparent's mantle and I have the matching lantern from my Grandmother.

Beth's (Elizabeth to some) house is fun and filled! Her house is a perfect reflection of the fun family with in! (I'm not biased) I loved being with them and can not wait to show you more of her space... stay tuned!

Happy Tuesday
Bye, bye birdie.

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