Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And for the clients under 5....

We wanted to give the playroom in the mountain house a fun fresh vibe. Lots of color (but not too much), and lots of organization so when the fun is over, the room can be put back together easily. When it was all said and done we all agreed that this might be our favorite space....

white walls are always a great choice in a playroom since everything else (toys included) have so much color.

 pattern on pattern on pattern keeps things fun!

 When someone (moi) leaves the table legs in Wilmington, just use logs from trees the landscaper just took down. BRILLIANT idea the client came up with! (Waaaay better then the table legs I left behind!)
 A simple clothes line across the window was the perfect spot for the alphabet cards from London and soon will be a gallery for  art our clients children create.

Another fave for us was the Guest Study. It is narrow and cozy and so collected. Across the sofa is a wall of built-ins. The rug and ORIGINAL LUCITE BUTTERFLY TABLE (did you hear me?)were both London antique fair scores.
 Hooper scored this metal chair that we had covered in teal velvet. The art is also a London antiques fair find.
Right outside the guest study are the stairs to the master. This was the perfect spot for the art the client found at auction. It continues the collected feel by tucking the art in a less than expected place.

The playroom was the perfect  combination of Hooper and my style while the guest study is right up my alley and easily top on my list as far as fave rooms go. Stay tuned because the Master bedroom and bathroom SCREAMS Hooper and is the perfect grand finale for the house!

What's your favorite space so far? We'd love to know!
Bye, bye birdie,

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