Monday, May 14, 2012

Cashier's Before

We made it back (in one piece) which is a miracle considering I drove most of the way and my sense of direction is well, lacking. We made a leisurely stop in Asheville for a last minute chair and a bite to eat.
Ann and I can agree on one thing. This is our favorite restaurant in NC. We are ahead of schedule and our trucks are safely on their way to Cashiers. Our plan is to beat them there so we appear organized. It must have been the brain fog from the scratch-made biscuits because after about an hour, I say: Isn't it amazing that we live on the coast of North Carolina and these beautiful mountains are in the same state? I mean, it doesn't even feel like the same state!" Cue this:
SO, I say: Girls, what DOES that say? It's hard to read going 70 mph and the fact that it's in cursive? We arrive 2 hours later than planned to the most beautiful blank slate I have ever seen. 
 This is the screen porch -- note the view.
After a quick inspection of paint/tile and details we have spent the last year picking out, it was time to unload three 26 foot trucks and you will not believe the end result. We know this is a tease, but that's the point! These are the before pictures -- we can't wait to share the afters. 
We were obviously happy with the result (and a little sleep deprived). Stay tuned!
Bye bye birdie,

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