Thursday, June 28, 2012

Craigslist Raleigh

Lately, our Wilmington Craigslist has been disappointing, so I've been checking out the Raleigh listings  and either they have better taste than we do or they don't realize what they've got! Read wouldn't think twice if I needed a quick visit with my nieces and nephew. Perhaps he wouldn't notice if I took this little trip in a U-Haul? 
 $250 for a campaign dresser. 
I mean, helloooo!

 This brass beauty is $75! There is a similar looking table on 1st Dibs for $850.
I love the lines of this bar cart. Imagine it in a high gloss white. Did I mention it is $30?
These are $300 for the pair. They look pretty perfect just the way they are. 
I love the Moroccan lines of this headboard for $130! 
Look at the lines on this Chinoiserie wingback! Oh, if there were only two because I need a pair for a client. It's $100! 
So what do you think? Raleigh Craigslist beats ours any day. Booking that Uhaul....
Bye bye birdie,

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Before you get too excited and start texting me, read the entire blog below. Yes, I did see Gwyneth and Chris and yes Hutson did almost drown while I was stalking. The rest is my fantasy. Gwynnie did not talk to me, much less ask me over for girls night. Just to clarify, a girl can dream...

Para, Para, Paradise....

It's just a normal day at the beach...
Just moseying along, watching my kids frolic in the surf when who do we come across, but Gwyneth and Chris, Apple and Moses. Well-trained Flanner wanders over to join in  the kite-flying family fun. I mean, we were just stalking walking down the beach. 

Suddenly, I become a little taken in by Chris the kite. I'm imagining that he notices me and my cute kids, and invites us (in his sexy British accent) to his upcoming concert in Charlotte, because he knows that I'm a big Coldplay fan. Meanwhile, back in reality...Hutson is getting whisked out to sea in a bad undertow. I'm in my clothes, because that's what's all moms wear when they plan to bring their kids to the beach for the afternoon. I promise we didn't rush right over when we heard the Martin's were having a beach day. 

So being the good mom that I am, I dive into the ocean (in my clothes) to save my child. Pull him out (looking like a wet dog) and back to fantasy land where Chris is impressed with my swimming skills and Gwyneth is impressed with my "must save my child" reflexes and apparent fabulous mothering and thus invites me over for girl's night since Chris is leaving to go on tour. What shall I wear? Something very relaxed and stylish that looks like I put forth no effort. What to bring? Did I mention that Gwyneth is gluten intolerant too? I mean, we have soooo much in common. I could bring organic homemade hummus with gluten free bagel crisps... Oh, what fun! I wonder what we'll talk about.. the latest detox or yes, I've got it!!! How much I simply adore her house in the Hamptons.... I'll tell her I write a design blog and she'll say she reads it and is an anonymous follower and takes her style cues from MOI, oh I love to inspire.
She'll say that she would just love it if I would bring my fam and check it out in person. So we hop on the Coldplay jet for a little R&R in the Hamptons. The kids and Read are all very well-behaved and we talk about London and animal rights and 
Iron Man 3. 

 Moses and the twins take a dip in the pool. We keep a watchful eye and sip mojitos that she whipped up poolside. 
Hutson won't even come close to drowning this time.
We'll discuss our mutual love of wallpaper and what an impact lighting can make in a space.
Apple will invite Graham over for a slumber party while the grown-ups partake in a dinner party.
 Chris will top off the evening with a acoustic version of "Paradise"...
Oh a girl can dream. Back to the beach tomorrow...

Bye bye birdie,

credit to: Hooked on Houses, Become

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Patterson Playroom Makeover

 The Patterson Family playroom needed a little update (aka, I got the patchwork chair in London was desperate to use it). Uhm, do an entire room around it. Plus to make things super complicated, I decided to move Graham out of this room into another (more on that later) and turn her old room into a playroom.

I painted the walls white and the ceiling a pale aqua so I could decorate the walls with art. Lots of it.
I love Hutson's self portrait.
And Graham is quite the little artist. I'm making an art wall, but more on that later. 

The patchwork chair from London goes with everything (including the new outdoor rug I found at Homegoods). 

 I needed a cool surface for puzzles and have been looking for a coffee table for awhile (a week, ok, shut up Ann). Score!!!! Craigslist find for $275. Did I mention it's a signed Muniz piece that retails for over $700? Speaking of steal... This floor lamp took my breath away the first time I saw it at a local discount store. The shade was dented so I asked if they could give me a little more off. They gave me a discount and a little history on the lamp... 
It is a "high end designer brand and retails for A LOT". Sold. What's "A LOT" you ask? It's Arteriors and retails for $1200. Waaaaayyyy out of my playroom budget. 

 So, for $119, it is mine. I covered the shade in Dwell "Gate" and love it! I love a deal...
Bye bye birdie,

Friday, June 15, 2012

What makes a good friend...

Yesterday I got a phone call from my sweet friend Wendy... I almost didn't answer because I've been slack on following through with a dinner invite (bad friend). But I'm glad I did since Wendy was calling to tell me she found me some chairs I must have (good friend).  
These are mid century Woodard sculptura chairs. They are here in Wilmington and priced at a steal. I want need these chairs. Well actually I only need 2. The problem is they are sold as a set. And although they are a great deal... they'd be an even better deal if I paid 1/2 for 2. So who needs the other 2? I'll split them and I'll even let you pick first. (just don't pick the 2 light ones)...

Aren't they lovely...

 This is kind of the vibe of L's new room... I would love one in there!
Maybe I do need all 4, and a new outdoor table... and a deck, and some foliage....

Anyhoo... This is my mission today... Anyone in on 2 chairs? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Happy Friday
Bye, bye birdie,

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


So I've blogged about this Frames wallpaper before (a fave of mine!) and I'm finally using it in Lindley's room. It is also a fave of Hooper's and is going in her house too.  She is redoing Grahams room and I am redoing Lindley's room (Our 9 year olds that are besties!) We are using lots of the same things but with very different final visions for each space (I know you don't find that surprising...)
This frames paper is going on one wall in L's room with these fabrics in her room...

Yes, this is the 3rd time I've redone her room. This time with more input from her. (lesson learned) And yes, I am lacquering the Goodwill dresser in a color... she wants it lime green...hmmm.... I don't really do lime green BUT Jeff might change the locks if I redo L's room for a 4th time. Stay tuned for that one...

While checking out other paper options, I came across this shadow puppet paper. OMG- I LOVE IT! This would be worth a 5th child and a nursery project!
I'm debating whether or not my kids are too old for this in their bathroom...thoughts?

I scored this from Etsy.... (in different colors) See shop here.

I just sketched something for my bro's to build... (a surprise for L) and with a few more purchases and rainy days... her room will be finished. We can't wait to show you both spaces!

Stay tuned! Since Hooper is doing Grahams room at the same time (she's 99% done...) I have to finish this project!

Happy Wednesday!
Bye,bye birdie,

Credit: Harts Fabric, Premier Prints, Graham & Brown, Etsy, & Paper Boy

Friday, June 8, 2012

Goodwill hunting...

It was a good day at Goodwill... Hooper went first and sent me in to look at a bamboo dresser. By the time I got there more goods had been unloaded and when I turned the corner.... the lights dimmed, the stars aligned, music played and I saw this...

It was a bentwood dresser for $40 in PERFECT condition. This might not not mean much to you but it is exactly what I wanted for my daughters room (coming soon...). And if you need an over priced bamboo dresser in bad condition WITH potential it's still there.

Any scores lately? Please share...
Bye, bye Birdie,

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Powder Room Makeover

Okay, so it's me, Ann. This is not my powder room... It's Hooper's. I have hijacked the blog to show you what I deal with on a daily basis....

Last week, Hooper called me. Our conversation went a little something like this:
Hooper- Read broke the toilet seat, Now I have to get a new one today.
Me- that's a no fun purchase...
Hooper- Yeah, and the kids pulled the towel bar off the wall, so I need to replace that too... What do you think about me using that piece in my hallway as a vanity in there?
Me- (silent uh-oh) I think that would be pretty. Just curios, Is Read out of town?
Hooper- yeah, gets back tomorrow night....

this is the before,after Hooper had already decided to redo her bathroom in a day...
(I got periodical phone calls through out the day reporting on the progress ...and reminding me of my shortcomings...) It's hard to be friends with an over achiever.

So Hooper popped the chest into the minivan and took it to the glass cutter that day, she scooted by Lowe's and grabbed the perfect color and a new light, sink, towel bar, etc...

Home Goods had the mirror and in about an hour, Hooper had everything she needed to complete the space. Hooper's plumber was available that afternoon! It was a  Christmas day miracle! Her painter wasn't available til the next day (what a slacker) soooo Hooper did it herself!
The piece from the hallway does look good as a vanity!

Practically anything can become a vanity thanks to vessel sinks and good plumbers (and miscellaneous furniture in your hallway)!

So much more room than a pedestal sink for accessories...

Go Lowe's, once again they rocked it in the lighting department...

Oh, did I forget the ceiling? If you have a little extra snake skin vinyl lying around (and who doesn't!?!?), wallpaper your ceiling...
And, no, I'm not exaggerating... this was done from conception to install in 24 hours... 24 HOURS PEOPLE!!!! And I'm no underachiever myself, it's just.... this is not normal. I'm off to go look at the mirror I want for my powder room down at The Eclectic (been eyeing it for a year).

May your Tuesday be over achiever productive and remember crack kills,
Bye, bye birdie,

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