Thursday, June 28, 2012

Craigslist Raleigh

Lately, our Wilmington Craigslist has been disappointing, so I've been checking out the Raleigh listings  and either they have better taste than we do or they don't realize what they've got! Read wouldn't think twice if I needed a quick visit with my nieces and nephew. Perhaps he wouldn't notice if I took this little trip in a U-Haul? 
 $250 for a campaign dresser. 
I mean, helloooo!

 This brass beauty is $75! There is a similar looking table on 1st Dibs for $850.
I love the lines of this bar cart. Imagine it in a high gloss white. Did I mention it is $30?
These are $300 for the pair. They look pretty perfect just the way they are. 
I love the Moroccan lines of this headboard for $130! 
Look at the lines on this Chinoiserie wingback! Oh, if there were only two because I need a pair for a client. It's $100! 
So what do you think? Raleigh Craigslist beats ours any day. Booking that Uhaul....
Bye bye birdie,

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Lindsey Suggs said...

Ohhh love that pair of nightstands...helloooo, Raleigh.

Adventures of the Bumms said...

I can never find stuff and I'm in raleigh! Maybe you should make this a weekly posting :)

J. Lauren said...

The best "finds" around are on facebook, "Mary.Mac" in Raleigh...& "Wildwood-Decor" in Wilm ;)

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