Wednesday, June 13, 2012


So I've blogged about this Frames wallpaper before (a fave of mine!) and I'm finally using it in Lindley's room. It is also a fave of Hooper's and is going in her house too.  She is redoing Grahams room and I am redoing Lindley's room (Our 9 year olds that are besties!) We are using lots of the same things but with very different final visions for each space (I know you don't find that surprising...)
This frames paper is going on one wall in L's room with these fabrics in her room...

Yes, this is the 3rd time I've redone her room. This time with more input from her. (lesson learned) And yes, I am lacquering the Goodwill dresser in a color... she wants it lime green...hmmm.... I don't really do lime green BUT Jeff might change the locks if I redo L's room for a 4th time. Stay tuned for that one...

While checking out other paper options, I came across this shadow puppet paper. OMG- I LOVE IT! This would be worth a 5th child and a nursery project!
I'm debating whether or not my kids are too old for this in their bathroom...thoughts?

I scored this from Etsy.... (in different colors) See shop here.

I just sketched something for my bro's to build... (a surprise for L) and with a few more purchases and rainy days... her room will be finished. We can't wait to show you both spaces!

Stay tuned! Since Hooper is doing Grahams room at the same time (she's 99% done...) I have to finish this project!

Happy Wednesday!
Bye,bye birdie,

Credit: Harts Fabric, Premier Prints, Graham & Brown, Etsy, & Paper Boy

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