Monday, June 25, 2012

Para, Para, Paradise....

It's just a normal day at the beach...
Just moseying along, watching my kids frolic in the surf when who do we come across, but Gwyneth and Chris, Apple and Moses. Well-trained Flanner wanders over to join in  the kite-flying family fun. I mean, we were just stalking walking down the beach. 

Suddenly, I become a little taken in by Chris the kite. I'm imagining that he notices me and my cute kids, and invites us (in his sexy British accent) to his upcoming concert in Charlotte, because he knows that I'm a big Coldplay fan. Meanwhile, back in reality...Hutson is getting whisked out to sea in a bad undertow. I'm in my clothes, because that's what's all moms wear when they plan to bring their kids to the beach for the afternoon. I promise we didn't rush right over when we heard the Martin's were having a beach day. 

So being the good mom that I am, I dive into the ocean (in my clothes) to save my child. Pull him out (looking like a wet dog) and back to fantasy land where Chris is impressed with my swimming skills and Gwyneth is impressed with my "must save my child" reflexes and apparent fabulous mothering and thus invites me over for girl's night since Chris is leaving to go on tour. What shall I wear? Something very relaxed and stylish that looks like I put forth no effort. What to bring? Did I mention that Gwyneth is gluten intolerant too? I mean, we have soooo much in common. I could bring organic homemade hummus with gluten free bagel crisps... Oh, what fun! I wonder what we'll talk about.. the latest detox or yes, I've got it!!! How much I simply adore her house in the Hamptons.... I'll tell her I write a design blog and she'll say she reads it and is an anonymous follower and takes her style cues from MOI, oh I love to inspire.
She'll say that she would just love it if I would bring my fam and check it out in person. So we hop on the Coldplay jet for a little R&R in the Hamptons. The kids and Read are all very well-behaved and we talk about London and animal rights and 
Iron Man 3. 

 Moses and the twins take a dip in the pool. We keep a watchful eye and sip mojitos that she whipped up poolside. 
Hutson won't even come close to drowning this time.
We'll discuss our mutual love of wallpaper and what an impact lighting can make in a space.
Apple will invite Graham over for a slumber party while the grown-ups partake in a dinner party.
 Chris will top off the evening with a acoustic version of "Paradise"...
Oh a girl can dream. Back to the beach tomorrow...

Bye bye birdie,

credit to: Hooked on Houses, Become


Unknown said...

This is awesome!! You had me for 2 full minutes!

J. Lauren said...

Adorable... & crazier things have happened. She's besties w/ some random occasional comedian on Chelsea Handlers round table. Oh & i'm Pretty sure drowning kid, is safer than high fructose corn syrup. Goop on Hooper.

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