Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Iv'e taken to the bed....

Today was monumental.... My youngest child, Addie, started kindergarten (year round school). And boy was she ready... me? not so much. We (Jeff and I) also started our get healthy diet. So after dropping off Addie, we stopped by Wal-Mart and bought a scale. So today I'm processing my baby starting school and my metabolism ceasing to exist. (Who feels young?) Needless to say, I've taken to the bed for the rest of the day.

See? So ready! She had her book pack on before her clothes!
I will be in bed and redecorating my room in my mind the whole time...
 This room would make me feel better... but might remind me of of the watercolor set I packed in Addie's book pack...
OK... that's it... I am ripping out the carpet upstairs and lacquering pine wood floors. (putting in pine floors first). And Jeff reminded me (when I was sobbing) how much free time I will now have with all the kids in school. So it's a perfect project.
 A fainting couch...that's what I need.
This speaks to my inner bohemian...I know It's a kids room but I do love it.

Seriously... Now I am off to bed!
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Happy Wednesday!
Bye, bye Birdie,

Credit to: pinterest, domino, google images


Briana Olsen Seese said...

Ann, Addie looks so cute on her first day of kindergarten! Helen starts in a couple of weeks....can you tell me where you got her book bag from?


Unknown said...

Hey Brianna! Her book pack is Roxy and I just got it from Marshalls. Thay are expensive $40-50 in the surf shops but $16-20 at Marshalls. All my girlies got one. And her lunch box (cute and big enough for lunch!) was from Wal- Mart. -Looks like it could be from Lands End! Good Luck with Helen's first day!

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