Thursday, July 12, 2012

So close...yet so far away.... Lindley's Room Reveal!

While Hooper was redoing Grahams room, I was working on Lindleys. We used lots of the same things in both designs, wallpaper, b&w rug, and chalkboard paint but that doesn't mean the spaces are similar... at all.

Lindley, though trusting, did want some say (the last big surprise reveal room redo for her didn't go over so well). She loved the wallpaper (YES!) and using the rug as an upholstered headboard instead of on the floor. BUT she did remind me all black and white was to sophisticated and she wanted pops of color. (almost a direct quote)We decided on a bohemian throw back direction... (Emily Henderson would be so proud)
I was stuck on the bed skirt and Hooper suggested the y&w zig zag.... yes a pop of color like my client wanted. I had suggested b&w zig zag but this is much better! Can you believe the IKEA duvet and sham were only $20!?!?
So, yes the rug became the headboard. My upholsterer extraordinaire got a little confused and the made the stripes vertical instead of horizontal like I wanted. I was bummed BUT vertical is the new horizontal...right?
We I am loving the wallpaper. We both are... Lindley and I spent hours making cut outs for all the little frames. Great stress reliever- I highly recommend!
Did I mention L has the tiniest room in the whole house! She suggested taking down a wall and expanding into my master closet. Hmmmm...yeah....NO. Before doing her room I cleaned it while she was away... 5 garbage bags later I decided she might be a hoarder...
SCORE! On my last junk shop outing I got this 1950's kitchen cart in perfect condition for....$20!
It makes the perfect art cart for L!
I loved this fabric (I mean we) but didn't like the scale of it on the bed so Hoop suggested adding it to her existing panels. I cut off the tabs and no sewed it on with stitch witchery. Voila! I also
painted the ceiling Ben Moore peacock feathers and kept the walls white. Because the room is so small the bold ceiling adds a lot of personality to the space.  

This is an auction piece from L's 2nd grade class. It had to be mine. I pulled out tons of cash and went to the auction on a mission. Those other cute moms didn't stand a chance... I only had to tell one mom her son was crying in the hallway as the bidding closed.

The zebra tray tweened up the space with out having to do a hot pink and zebra room... L loves it! And it is cute with the hot pink flokati bear skin rug on the floor.

Remember the dresser? See here. We decided not to paint it after I cleaned it up. Love the clear birch...

My grandmothers mirror wasn't modern enough for Lindley but after we painted it with chalkboard paint, it was funky enough. I couldn't part with it! Lindley also got a whole chalkboard wall- she's in heaven!
The metal side table came from World Market and was on sale for $29. Since my super cool Woodard chairs fell through (long story) I was happy to get this with the same metal wire vibe.
And when it was all said and done... Lindley was super happy!!!

Molly and Addie have decided their room is next. (OH DEAR) ... The last I heard it was going to be done in all purple chalkboard paint, floor, ceiling, dresser... we'll see!

Happy Thursday
Bye,bye birdie,


Anonymous said...

I love this room! It's so collected and fun. I know your daughter must be so happy!

Anne McAllister said...

Love it! Can I have a sleepover?

wendy said...

Totally awesome and totally L!

My Interior Life said...

Great job, Ann! It looks so fun and fresh. I like the headboard that direction, and the IKEA bedding is the perfect pop against the zigzag dust ruffle. I'm sure she's thrilled!

Ellison Hunter said...

Hmmm...I know I've seen that Matisse-inspired artwork somewhere. Love it in Lindley's room.

Anonymous said...

The kitchen cart was a great find and perfect for your daughter's room - not to mention a perfect color!

Unknown said...

Love it!!! I want to move in to this room!

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