Monday, August 27, 2012

Fifty Shades of Gray

I've got to find a way to get my husband to read the blog and figured this would get his attention! I was inspired by Fifty in more ways than one and promised a friend I would do a blog post about Fifty Shades of Grey.I doubt this is what she had in mind. OK, this is not a book review or a recap of my date last night (which I assure you was nothing like the book), but a list of my top fave 50 shades from recent projects. This sophisticated hue has been around the blog.

1. All time favorite DIY project (because I did it all by myself and because I would rather give birth than do it again).

2. Fave mural we ever did (OK Ann did it, but I helped)...sort of
3. Favorite grout color... doesn't everyone have a favorite grout color?? You guessed it. Gray. (It doesn't show dirt)
4. Prettiest bathroom I ever had the privilege of working on... 

5. Which leads me to my favorite gray counter top. Can't beat Carrera.  
6. Remember this surprise gray nursery? The client didn't know what she was having. The doc sent the sonogram to me so I could have it ready to install. We would have paired gray with pinks and corals had Jack been a Jill.
7-23. Great Shades...
GRAY OWL by Benjamin Moore is our go to color, the others are perfect picks too!
Here is the line up:
Benjamin Moore: Gray Owl, Horizon, Titanium, Moonshine, Revere Pewter, Coastal Fog, Edgecomb Gray, Harbor Gray, Horizon Gray, Nimbus
Olympic: Plantation Moss, Quill, Gray Ghost
Valspar: Frappe, Oatlands Subtle Taupe
Behr: Dolphin Fin
24. Favorite vanity with barn wood gray top. Remember this Craig's List find? see here.
25. Coolest dining table in galvanized gray.
26. Ann used this killer light to brighten up the gray ceiling in this dining room here
27. Favorite gray fabric. Seen here...
28. And here... in our very first blog post. Awwww.
29. I spy my other most loved gray piece in the room world (I'm not talking about Christian). Isn't he divine? 
30. He lives with me and we have breakfast together every morning while dining on my other most coveted find (Craig's List, no less). My gray driftwood dining table. 
31. Favorite gray accessories.
32. Favorite gray headboards used in twins' room. Plus, they were free. Not Fifty Shades Freed, just free, as in $0.
33. Favorite gray Overstock score. Of course that should be a category. I mean, who doesn't LOVE Overstock?
And it looks like we are making our way into the bedroom...So very Christian.
34. The gray washed "Ferret" bed by Noir was retrofitted as a canopy. 
35-41. Best colors to pair with gray. Punches of these babies will warm up any space. 
Note: Do not use all at once. 

42. Favorite blog about Gray. Yes, there is an entire blog devoted to this versatile hue. Check out A Perfect Gray, it won't disappoint!
43. Favorite gray (ok silver) accent wall. For all of you that questioned if it was painted... No, Ann and I would no longer be friends had I made her paint this. It is wallpaper.
44. Fave gray mirror
45. And Lana Sconces by Currey and Company

46-50. Can't show you these quite yet. I'm finishing a bedroom in ALL shades of gray and a very UNEXPECTED accent color. 


credit to: Birdsofafeather, Pinterest

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Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Now that was a fun post and I have to agree with your selections for each category. So fun to see the zebra bath - I'm contemplating zebra for my master bath in the form of wallpaper. I'd love to try to freehand it because I love the larger scale, just not sure I have the talent to pull it off. Thanks for posting!

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