Thursday, August 23, 2012


There's a lot I like about this room, and some I don't... I love table, chairs, rugs, & pillows. I get the light fixture though don't love it. But, the cloud art... bye, bye. I am sure it is great and wonderful and not from the World Market poster section, however It's not my thing... at all.
What I really like about this space is that it is current, fun and OBTAINABLE. With a few clicks and searches I was able to recreate the vibe of this room affordably...

I started at Overstock with an 8x10 sisal for about $170

Also at Overstock was this all wool Ikat. 5x8 for $232. It's not a dhurrie but plush is a nice texture too! If you haven't checked out the Ikat rugs at Overstock...go now, and read this later!

Here is a table option from World Market for around $350. However, for another $300 you can get the table below (also from World Market) That would be my vote!

Overstock chairs! And 2 for $162. I would do this route and do 6. You could ditch the window seat and instead add pillows to the head chairs.
Voila! 2 pillows for $50ish... (They are from.... wait for it... OVERSTOCK!)

So I liked the idea of a retro fixture just not really the one being used. I would have to go to my inner Jetson and for $300 use this one instead...

A girl likes a Sputnik!

Anyhoo... I love getting inspiration and seeing other's spaces. I also love the layered look of 2 rugs. I think this space needs to keep going but it's a good start to a fun fresh look on a budget fo sho!
And I would definitely trade the clouds for some Jasper Johns or a wall full of collected art.

Happy Online hunting!
Bye,bye birdie,

Credit: google images, Overstock, World Market

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