Thursday, August 30, 2012

Modcado.... A Reveal

Do you remember a few years ago when CB2 came out with the color Grello? (gray mixed with yellow) hmmm... I didn't know you could just make up a new color!?! Until yesterday when I was helping Hooper install a room and we discovered we were all about Modcado. (modern avocado) ... It's not your mamas harvest gold, avocado appliances anymore. AND it just so happens to make a beautiful, classic master bedroom mixed with grays.
It began with a blank slate...
Hooper then started with this fabric as her jumping off point...
The color combo is unexpected with grays, citrons, modcado (see,  just use the word like it's a real color and it might stick!)The pattern, though current, gives off a vintage vibe. 
 She had one of the homeowners existing chairs recovered in a patterned gray ...again, not what you'd expect to see with modcado but it works! She repeated all the colors
in lots of layers on the bed.
The gorgeous side tables give husband and wife plenty of storage and are in a beautiful limed oak finish. (I'll take 2 please)
A mint julep cup filled with flowers keeps the table top classic and oh so southern....
The fun thing about installs is the last minute shopping. There is always a few places that need to be finished once the room is near completion. You have to catch the vibe and go from there. Yesterday, the stars aligned and when Hooper and I walked into one of our fave places (Maran Anderson) we found the antique mirror and the insanely cool glass lamp (circa a long time ago!)
Hooper shopped the homeowner's rooms  and found a beautiful silver tray and glass bowl for jewelry.
 Room redo's also usually present a challenge and this one was no different. Because the house itself was very old, the stairwell was not made for anything larger then a double bed to be moved up. The homeowners bought a king mattress that could fold but didn't know how to get a headboard into the room.

 Hooper wanted  something upholstered. We came up with a 3 paneled headboard that could be moved up the stairs in pieces and assembled in the room. The double nail heads mask the sections and creates interest. It's fun to see collaborative sketches done on the backs of receipts come to fruition! And...thank you sewing lady extraordinaire!!!
 Did I mention the chandelier was existing (and perfect), the house is gorgeous, and the homeowners are adorable!!! All in all,  Hooper did an incredible job creating a space that fits the house and the homeowners! It was a fun install and transformation!

Bye, bye Birdie,

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Lindsey Suggs said...

So smart with the headboard!! The room looks great.

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