Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Retail Therapy

This is me. Second day in bed. It would be loads of fun if I didn't feel like crap. Kids have been sent away, while I lay in bed wishing I could blog/peruse the internet, but just too weak. OK, a little dramatic. I'm on the upswing and on the positive side, I've lost 3 pounds (depending on which part of the floor you place the scales). In my attempt to make myself feel better, I have been shopping on one of my fave sites, Palm Beach Regency
Isn't it divine! I see about 3000 things I want 
This drum Table reminds me of the one from Oly Studio (except that it's $350). 

Of course, I would have to win the lottery to afford to ship all 
of these beauties to my door, anybody up for a road trip (when I'm not contagious of course). 

Bye bye birdie,

credit to Palm Beach Regency

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