Thursday, September 27, 2012


So, you haven't heard from us in a while. Did you miss us? We have been BUSY! We have 2 major things going on this week and next that we can't tell you about.... yet. BUT we will soon :)

Even though we haven't had free time (What's that?), we still managed to find this on craigslist...
Is it real? I don't know, but it looks pretty real to me.
And it's a head chair. We also came across and are the proud new owners of a pair of these. They are hopefully going into a client's master, but couldn't resist. Either way, had to have them.
The color scheme for her room is kelly green and aqua with soft tones of cream and gray. 
Inspired by this...
Loving this for $30. The bamboo and brass mix great -- imagine it lacquered in a color!
And if we didn't have kids, husbands, obligations, blah, blah, blah... we'd be high tailing it down I-40 to pick up these in Raleigh:

Wouldn't this be amazing in a nursery... refinished and covered in this:

Somebody needs this!!! The hardware screams Hooper! This would be great lacquered white or painted with chunky horizontal b&w stripes... (not lovin' the color combo as is).

 Lacquer this and put it in a dining room. Cool art, cool lamps...DONE!
 One is the loneliest number.... I would buy and have the seller ship this if there were 2 ! I am sure I could find a friend on ebay or 1st dibs but I could also just find 2!
pretty and simple in this space!

So... what are you waiting for? Someone grab this stuff up and do something cool with it!

Happy Weekend!
Bye, bye Birdie,

credit: Wilmington Craigslist, Raleigh Craigslist, Michael Miller

Thursday, September 20, 2012

From Distressed to Guest

I promise this is NOT the room I just did. When my client bought the house, this was the teenager's room. Not my client's teenager, the teenager of the previous owners. Just to clarify.  

The playboy bunny pillow is a nice touch. The walls in the bathroom were painted with a mural of marijuana leaves. How Irie. You may remember the living room makeover in this home. 
I just can't wait to show you this room, in it's new grown up, drug free state. The client wanted a retreat for her guests. So last week, Laura and I went over to transform the space. Bye bye pepto pink and posters.... and Hello...miracle.
 First we had hardwoods installed and brought in my all time favorite, could run it wall to wall, all over my house, carpet. It came from Eatman's Carpet and Interiors and my friend Betty hooked me up. It is a mix of grays, taupe and creams and is pure wool love. 
 The walls were painted a soft peach and the client wanted a custom headboard. I designed this shape with nail heads and made it 6' tall so it would fill up this nook nicely. 
The bedding is a mix of Serena and Lily (pricey) and Target (not). 
 This bench is a Homegoods find and acts as a window seat. I love the texture of the linen against the Overstock crewel drapes. Yes, I said "Overstock". The glossy tray in the perfect shade of Hermes orange is Target. I truly hate to give away all of my secrets, but they are just too good to keep!
 I love the ottoman under the console. Its a storage ottoman to hold extra sets of guest linens plus I have been dying to use this fabric. 
 I really wanted a reading nook where guests (the homeowner has taken over this spot) can unwind with a good book. Doubt much reading went on in this room when teenage dream resided here... I digress. 
 The chaise is from World Market and has the detailing of an old fashioned mattress which mixes modern lines with an old fashioned touch. Love at first sight. 
 We kept her antique dresser and added a chinoiserie style mirror from local fave spot, Crabby Chic
 I filled up a basket of goodies for her guests (arriving today at 3). I was filling up said basket at 2:00. Not cutting it close, not at all. I work well under pressure. 
 The floors are making this chair read a little red, but it is a dark orange in a soft, wide corduroy and fills the space nicely. I love the lines. 

 These beauties are from World's Away. They are great storage with a hidden drawer and shelving. Plus they reflect all of the yummy elements in the room. I love the limed oak with the rug and peach walls. 
 I carried over the washed out wood to the walls in some cool mirrors I found at my other favorite store, Maran Home. 
 This embroidered pillow is from Pottery Barn and ties it all together. This one little pillow somehow makes it all make sense. 
Just had to show you my dream carpet one more time up close. 
So that's it. What do you think? From teenage nightmare to guest's dream room. 
bye bye birdie,

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Big Announcement....

No, no, I'm not having a 5th and Hooper's not having a 4th... The other kind of big announcement!

Drum roll please......
We have an intern!!! And she's the cutest UNCW student ever! She will be following us around; hopefully learning all sorts of cool things. She'll be consulting, shopping and installing with Hooper and I've already had her talking construction and house staging in a few flips. We'll toss in some hand-painted walls and a trip to Market and Laura (that's her name) will be ready for the workforce!!!

Meet Laura:
Want to see the sweetest thing in the whole wide world?...
 when we asked Laura to send us a couple favorite pics she included this one... awwww...
(kind of diggin the orange formica)

Anyhoo, we are beyond happy to have Laura for the semester. She is so fun and when we ride around town with her (in our family cars) guys check us out. ( her out) Details!

So now really meet Laura:
A&H: Where are you from?
L: Asheboro, N.C.
A&H: Tell us about school?
L: I am a studio art major (holla!) at UNCW and I'll be graduating in December. I played on the Varsity softball team for all 4 years at UNCW.
A&H: What inspires you?
L: nature, light/ reflection an glass,rich color.
A&H: What styles of art do you love?
L: I love cubist and impressionist art.
A&H: Who is your favorite artist?
L: I have loved Van Gogh since I was in the 3rd grade.
A&H: What is your biggest pet peeve?
L: Being ignored
A&H: hmmmm, long blond hair, athlete, young... you get ignored?
A&H: Favorite color?
L: Turquoise and magenta, Love em both! Can't pick just one.
A&H: What's been your favorite thing you've learned and or your ah ha moment so far?
L: My favorite thing was a client's reaction to a guest bedroom I helped Hooper install. My ah ha moment was shopping for that same client and finding the perfect chaise for the room. We had been stressed up until that point and then it all came together.
A&H: Do you have the coolest internship ever?
L: I do have the coolest internship and I wouldn't trade it for the world! I really like the fact that all the basic principles and elements of design that I have learned in class are appearing in every session of  my internship.
A&H: What would you say your design style is?
L: Romantic/ vintage would be the styles I gravitate towards.

Now you know Laura! Please leave a little welcome comment for her! We are so excited and can't wait for you to see some projects she has helped us with!!!

Bye, bye Birdie,
~A, H & L

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hoarders Anonymous

"My name is Hooper."
"Hey Hooper!"
"I have an addiction. I am a hoarder. There, I said it. Isn't the first step admitting that you have a problem? I think it is just hard for the outside to notice that I have a problem because I am so organized." Gag. Plus, It's not really hoarding, it's just inventory. 
I mean, you never know when a client may  come along and want THAT fabric. This office makes total sense to ME. It is organized and filled with tons of great ideas just waiting to happen... until...I seemed to have gotten some type of writer's block, but for designers. I could no longer just put a room together from the samples on my floor. I decided to get organized. So I reached out, pleaded for help, you know, THE cry for help.

Me: Ann, So I have been thinking about getting organized. I think I'll do it because it feels so good to get organized.
Ann: Hmmm, I wouldn't know. 
Me: OK, well... I'll figure it out.

Days later (I'm still figuring it out) when I stumble upon a fabulous table on Craig's List. That's not the point. While visiting this fellow designer (with killer table), she mentions that she has lots of storage boxes she wants to sell. Hello sponsor!
They are pretty and sophisticated (just like me when I drop my hoarding tendencies). Plus I have what all in-denial hoarders have... a label maker! Now every little slip of fabric has a home! 
I can think, clearly (sort of) and love, love, love the inspiration spilling from my closet...
and every nook and cranny. So it seems hoarding may be hereditary. Thank God. My mom is the "I like to hold onto sentimental things" hoarder type. You have never seen so much s*@t. Anyhoo, it can pay off, BIG TIME. My mom is clueless (which is helpful) and one fine day, while cleaning out her attic, comes across this:
Zoom in. It's a Claude Howell. As in THE Claude Howell. Mom had this bad boy stashed between her cabbage patch kids glassware and the sailor dress she wore as an adult. It even has a note attached in Claude's handwriting with his address in 1957 (which is about 10 minutes from where I live).
  This one is listed on Ebay for $3200 from a NC private estate. Good thing Mom doesn't read the blog, or she might want it back...
My little Claude is getting framed as we speak and will be going in my new and improved office. Stay tuned. 
See, it's isn't so bad to be a hoarder!
Bye bye birdie,

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We Will Never Forget

Nothing seems appropriate to post on September 11.  
God Bless America.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Moving Target

Remember the Target Missoni craze and the soccer mom who scored almost everything in the store because evidently she was either:
1. running an Ebay ring or 
2. planning on dropping 5 sizes so she could wear all of them? 

Today was the Target release of Patch NY, a collaboration with designers Don Carney and John Ross, who own this amazing NY spot.
I have never been to Patch and was so excited about their new line for Target. However, I getting was a little worried about how vintage collectables would look "new" on the shelves of Target.

I'm in love with their Anthropologie collaboration on this wallpaper. I was so hoping...
Had it not been for my dad's emergency gall bladder surgery(this morning), I may have been there bright and early lined up with the earthy, cool soccer moms as they drank hot chai and waited in line for a set of woodland plates. Priorities.
Any hoo, after a long day at the hospital, I needed a little retail therapy. I was sure, I would score something from the "Target Shops Collections".  Evidently, crazy soccer mom seemed to have outfoxed me (though I doubt it) because the shelves were pretty bare.
I ended up with this metallic faux bois pillow. It had me at metallic. 
It is pretty, but quite small at 16" square. It looks a little tiny on my chair. Hmmm. Maybe it would work on a tiny chair?? So far, I'm just not that impressed. I had high hopes. Anyone else score some Patch NY goodies today at Target? 

bye bye birdie,

credit to:

anthropologie, PatchNY, Target

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dear Client's Husband....

Sooo, I've been helping this cute girl with her awesome house... She has great taste, great furniture , and Incredible art. She just got a little stuck and wanted some fresh eyes and a few new pieces. We started in her dining room with a new wall color (that will eventually go everywhere) a new rug, and table....
do not judge... this is a work in progress! I found the table on Craigslist for a steal (yes, Craigslist!), the rug is new. The bamboo chandelier is being painted Hermes orange, and a different piece will serve as the sideboard. The existing chairs are not staying. Soooo, that's where these come in...
The client loves these as head chairs... (when you see all her art on the walls and the whole vibe of the house, this will all make sense!)

My suggestion was these as side chairs...

Here is the email response...

Hey Ann, my husband said we can't do ghost chairs on top of  zebra because it gives off a 1980's drug lord vibe. He also would expect to see me in acrylic heals everyday.

(When I got this email I cracked up. Hooper and I love the husbands! You can take down a room as fast as you can come up with bad nick names when we come up with names for our unborn children)

Dear Husband of Client,
I would never want to suggest you are a drug Lord , pimp, in the mafia, etc...or put anything in your home that would give off that vibe. I'll keep looking for chairs...
P.S. please don't tell Hooper that ghost chairs on a zebra rug is drug "lordish". She just loves her breakfast room.

Bye, bye Birdie,

P.P.S stay tuned for finished room!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Heart OKL

Back to the grind, school has started (yippee) and I'm getting back to work...No more summer (sigh). It's time to hit the ground running and get inspired for some upcoming projects. Nothing gets my wheels spinning faster than a little Polyvore Board Designing and some internet surfing. 

I love One Kings Lane. It is one of my first go-to stops when looking for just about anything from furniture to lamps to pillows. With designer minimums, it is often easier to order designer digs from sites like OKL at a hugh discount. 

OKL Room

These items, every single one, came from OKL. If you were quick with the "Add to Cart" button, you could decorate an entire room! Pretty great resource, huh? The sofa is from Zentique and retails for over $3500. My cost isn't even as low as $1499! Hurry up, order away, some of these items are still available and they have new sales popping up every single day! 

Bye bye birdie,

OKL Room by hooperpatterson on Polyvore
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