Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hoarders Anonymous

"My name is Hooper."
"Hey Hooper!"
"I have an addiction. I am a hoarder. There, I said it. Isn't the first step admitting that you have a problem? I think it is just hard for the outside to notice that I have a problem because I am so organized." Gag. Plus, It's not really hoarding, it's just inventory. 
I mean, you never know when a client may  come along and want THAT fabric. This office makes total sense to ME. It is organized and filled with tons of great ideas just waiting to happen... until...I seemed to have gotten some type of writer's block, but for designers. I could no longer just put a room together from the samples on my floor. I decided to get organized. So I reached out, pleaded for help, you know, THE cry for help.

Me: Ann, So I have been thinking about getting organized. I think I'll do it because it feels so good to get organized.
Ann: Hmmm, I wouldn't know. 
Me: OK, well... I'll figure it out.

Days later (I'm still figuring it out) when I stumble upon a fabulous table on Craig's List. That's not the point. While visiting this fellow designer (with killer table), she mentions that she has lots of storage boxes she wants to sell. Hello sponsor!
They are pretty and sophisticated (just like me when I drop my hoarding tendencies). Plus I have what all in-denial hoarders have... a label maker! Now every little slip of fabric has a home! 
I can think, clearly (sort of) and love, love, love the inspiration spilling from my closet...
and every nook and cranny. So it seems hoarding may be hereditary. Thank God. My mom is the "I like to hold onto sentimental things" hoarder type. You have never seen so much s*@t. Anyhoo, it can pay off, BIG TIME. My mom is clueless (which is helpful) and one fine day, while cleaning out her attic, comes across this:
Zoom in. It's a Claude Howell. As in THE Claude Howell. Mom had this bad boy stashed between her cabbage patch kids glassware and the sailor dress she wore as an adult. It even has a note attached in Claude's handwriting with his address in 1957 (which is about 10 minutes from where I live).
  This one is listed on Ebay for $3200 from a NC private estate. Good thing Mom doesn't read the blog, or she might want it back...
My little Claude is getting framed as we speak and will be going in my new and improved office. Stay tuned. 
See, it's isn't so bad to be a hoarder!
Bye bye birdie,

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My Interior Life said...

Yes, hoarding can pay off big time in some cases (although not usually on the sad shows). Loving your organization efforts. I need to get on that bandwagon. I have a large decor "closet" that could use some serious help. Maybe a sale is in order.

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