Monday, September 10, 2012

Moving Target

Remember the Target Missoni craze and the soccer mom who scored almost everything in the store because evidently she was either:
1. running an Ebay ring or 
2. planning on dropping 5 sizes so she could wear all of them? 

Today was the Target release of Patch NY, a collaboration with designers Don Carney and John Ross, who own this amazing NY spot.
I have never been to Patch and was so excited about their new line for Target. However, I getting was a little worried about how vintage collectables would look "new" on the shelves of Target.

I'm in love with their Anthropologie collaboration on this wallpaper. I was so hoping...
Had it not been for my dad's emergency gall bladder surgery(this morning), I may have been there bright and early lined up with the earthy, cool soccer moms as they drank hot chai and waited in line for a set of woodland plates. Priorities.
Any hoo, after a long day at the hospital, I needed a little retail therapy. I was sure, I would score something from the "Target Shops Collections".  Evidently, crazy soccer mom seemed to have outfoxed me (though I doubt it) because the shelves were pretty bare.
I ended up with this metallic faux bois pillow. It had me at metallic. 
It is pretty, but quite small at 16" square. It looks a little tiny on my chair. Hmmm. Maybe it would work on a tiny chair?? So far, I'm just not that impressed. I had high hopes. Anyone else score some Patch NY goodies today at Target? 

bye bye birdie,

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Unknown said...

Hey Anonymous! The paint color is Ben Moore Waterfall (so pretty!) and the chairs my client found at TJ Maxx here in Wilmington. 2 left here- and they are great in person! Happy decorating :)...~Ann

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Hey girls...
Just got back from Target and I'm disappointed. Quality was lacking and I came home with nothing but yogurt and Windex.
I expected much better. :(
xx, T.

Unknown said...

I know Tina! It was a small offering and too "new" looking. Love me some Windex!

Maxwell Manco said...

People would be adoring the metallic faux bois pillow designs especially the one with an almost aztec design. Having to get the shop look new with vintage accessories and sales is not a problem, for more people are getting allured by the word vintage itself.

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