Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween and a Winner!

Happy Halloween!
I just dropped off a purple crayon, a grim reaper and a camouflaged ninja at school. Don't ask me, their dad took them to pick out costumes this year. I'm so very thankful for the crayon. Graham would dress as a stripper if it were up to her. 

In keeping with Halloween decor, I wanted to share one of my most favorite dining rooms. Ann and I worked on this together a couple of years ago for a wonderful, very trusting client. Most clients won't let you paint their dining room Hermes orange. Thankfully she did...

Ann painted a beautiful mural on one wall which is very fitting for our new blog look -- "Birds of a Feather".  
As promised, we are so happy to announce our winner of the Thomas Paul skeleton wrap. The lucky winner is... drum roll... Melissa Tarleton from Greensboro! She sent in her Halloween decor tips and goes all out for the holiday. They tie ghosts to the porch ceiling fans and deck out the porches with pumpkins, gourds and spider webs. Thanks Melissa for participating! 

On another note, we are so blessed to be safe and dryI am sad for the children up north who will not get to trick-or-treat this year because hurricane Sandy pulled a trick of her own. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this horrible storm. 

Have a wonderful time tonight and stay safe!
Bye bye birdie,

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bargain Hunter and Gatherer

Every week, we plan to share our weekend jaunts to the auctions, yard sales or web steals in hopes to inspire you to find a deal of your own or tip you off on something you (and your wallet) just can't live without. And, we'll shoot it to you straight. Today, we will start with Craig's List.

First you must understand Craigslist Speak:

Lovely: Needs a little TLC but might have potential
Beautiful: Hideous and they hope their description will change your mind
No Picture: Seller is my mother and unsure how to download pic. Most likely part of hoarding collection
Shabby Chic: Ratty, old and needs to go to dump
French: Hmmmm.
Chippendale: Could be good, most likely grandmother style furniture that is actually French
Bamboo: Could be chippendale
Retro: Mid-century (promising) and seller doesn't know what they have
Elegant: Gold

And my personal favorite:

Designer: UGLY
Case in point. This "designer" is selling these side tables for ONLY $325. I'll translate: These tables are stone so, therefore must be worth something, to someone. Perhaps someone on crack. Bonus. When you are done using them as side tables, you can play a round of Bocci ball.

And now, onto the good stuff...
This piece is labeled "vintage" which is a term I usually have good luck with... This lacquered dress is lane and $375. What a great finish and amazing lines!
Now we're talking. These are $100 and could be made to look like this with a can of spray paint.
Remember this porch Ann did? Well, "retro" chairs make a big impact in a glossy paint.
I have a thing for coffee tables. I love changing them up because they can be a focal point. This is a statement piece and is $200! 
Accessorize this 36" space with...
 Seriously, this beauty is on the Wilmington Craiglist. I may just make an offer myself. I love the idea of this solid marble statue on the coffee table above. Don't forget to check CL for accessories too!

Now that you know how to search, start looking. Check local and nearby Craig's List and use your words!

bye bye birdie,

Credit to: and Houzz, Craiglist

Monday, October 29, 2012

Face Lift....

A lot has been going on round here! in the midst of all the happenings, we decided Birds of a Feather Design needed a little facelift. The good news is we are getting there... (like our nest? background?) The bad news is while we excel at soooo much, figuring out blogger codes and formats is not one of them! So bear with us as our look evolves over the next week or so. These things take time!

Oh, did you get excited and think one of us was going under the knife? tummy tuck? lipo? Not to say our future doesn't hold that, but just not today!

 In other news, here's a dose of real life. This morning, on the way to school all kids were gagging because of a foul smell in the car. When we got to school, I found the culprit. There was dog poop ALL OVER Flanner: shoes, booster, book bag, pants, socks.... everywhere. We don't even have a dog. What's a mom to do? I hosed him down in the school parking lot and dropped of non-poop kids at school. 
Poop covered kid got a Walmart makeover of his own and went back to school in a new wardrobe. I spent $71 because Hutson needs matching shoes and pants. This will guarantee and good solid 2 weeks of quality. 
You can't make this S**t up. 
Happy Monday!
Bye, bye birdie,

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gorgeous Gourds and a Give Away

My kids wanted us to decorate for Halloween like we did last year. Cue spider webs across the house, a cemetary in the front yard, and ghosts and ghouls hanging from trees. So not up for it. For once I am thinking less is more. Did I just say that?

 I want to be festive, but with 80 degree weather here, I'm finding it hard. So, I have opted for festive fall decor that has some staying power and doesn't involve slime and pumpkin guts.
How amazing are these? Sadly, I didn't make them. But am running out for more pumpkins as we speak!
I love this topiary from Wallace Gardens. It is so pretty and sophisticated and doesn't involve any carving. 
You know I will put nail heads on anything that will stay still long enough, why not these gourds? So pretty in the creams and grays
And now for the giveaway sponsored by our favorite local shop, Maran Anderson Home. They are giving us a Thomas Paul Skeleton Scarf to give to one lucky winner. He's lavender, light weight an incredibly slimming.
 It retails for $65 and we will be shipping it to one lucky reader and drawing a name on Wednesday, October 31.
Here's how you enter (and do so as many times as you like):

Using our blog email address:
Enter: Email us your Halloween decor ideas 
Enter: Subscribe to our blog (if already a subscriber, invite a friend to subscribe). 
For each friend you invite, you get an entry! You can email us the list of friends you asked to join.
Enter: Follow us, if you already follow us, ask your friends to follow. 
For every friend you ask, you get another entry!

Good Luck and Happy Halloween!
Bye bye birdie,

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pinch Me, I Have an Announcement!

Ashley: Hey Hooper, It's Ashley.
Hooper: Hey, What's up? I'm in the Chick-fil-a drive thru.
Ashley: I have a girl who is trying to get up with you.
Hooper: I'll have a #6 and two kids meals.
Ashley: You might want to call her back. She's from Southern Living.
Hooper: Uh huh. A sprite and an extra order of fries.  
Ashley: She wants to send a team to photograph your laundry room. 
Hooper: I'm sorry. What did you say?
Ashley: Southern Living saw one of your rooms on the blog and they want to do an article on small space makeovers. Hooper, she emailed you and never heard back. I have her number. 
Hooper: Silence.

This is what you dream about. In your dream, you:

a) Aren't in the Chick-fil-a drive through when you get THE call.

b) Remember to check your blog email often enough that you don't blow off a major magazine for one whole week.
c) Stop eating Chick-fil-a months in advance should they want you in a photo.

Pinch me. On Friday (yes last week). Famous prop stylist (Matthew Gleason) and photographer (Laurey Glenn) came to visit me. ME. Open a magazine and you'll see their images (everywhere). Visit their websites here: Laurey Glenn and Matthew Gleason.

 Here is a shot from Southern Living Luxurious Master Baths. They worked together on this one and they are quite a team. 
 Here is some of Laurey's handiwork. 
 I already had much of their work pinned on Pinterest as some of my faves. When the people responsible for those images are standing in your house, it's surreal. 
 And this shot is one of my favorite images of ALL time. It's so bright and sunny and Laurey's artful eye captured it beautifully. 

You fell in love with Matthew's work in Ramey Caulkin's home in the September issue of HGTV Magazine, see HERE. Matthew makes it look so effortless and lived in. 
 His work is so natural and allows you to envision your life in that room. Both Matthew and Laurey made one of my rooms look amazing! 

I can't say much. Partially because I'm not allowed to divulge too much until the magazine comes out in January. I'm also still in shock. Let's suffice it to say that this particular room has never looked better and I'm checking my email.

Stay tuned for the Southern Living January Issue!

Bye bye birdie,

credit to:,, Pinterest, Southern Living

Friday, October 12, 2012

Small Space Makeover

So we have some very exciting news about a small space makeover. We'll announce that next week. 

Until then, we wanted to share our most recent small space makeover. My friend's powder room got a major facelift. She had bright coral walls and Ann worked her magic and turned them into this!

 We swapped out the basic white pedestal sink for a new vanity, Brizo faucet and killer mirror.

The Regina Andrew driftwood sconces are so pretty with the vanity and new hardware. 
It finally has some personality!
Happy Weekend!
Bye bye birdie,

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Divine Design, a tribute to a very brave family

Once in awhile, the type of project comes along that reminds us of what really matters. It's the kind of project that I dream of and thank God for. Truly. Recently, a childhood friend of mine asked me to help her transform her guest room into a home school room for her little boy. He has been recently diagnosed with leukemia and will need to be at taught at home for his first grade year. I struggled with whether or not to post many details, but wanted to thank so many and ask all of my readers for prayers for Trey and his family. When she asked me, I knew our community would love the chance to help, so I was very vague in my plan/budget for the room. I wanted to surprise this family with a space that would serve as a home school room for Trey and a study space for his third grade sister, Sarah. What happened next is nothing short of a miracle.
This is what I walked into just a couple of weeks ago. She said she wanted help with a paint color, rug and new light fixture. Oh, did I have some ideas. "If you build it, they will come". That's what they say. Matthew 21:22 says "If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer." So Ann and I started praying and we went shopping. Shopping for everything...paint, a rug, a light, a desk, chairs, school supplies, cubbies, art supplies... you get the picture. Basically, we thought of everything you would ever want or need in a school room and we bought it. Blind faith. I didn't worry for a minute, I knew God would provide. And boy did He. My mom mentioned it to her golf group who mentioned it to their email buddies and bridge friends who mentioned it to their daughters and co-workers and Bible study group. Checks started trickling in and yes, just as I thought, every last cent was paid for. On Thursday night, when the family left for a doctor's visit in Chapel Hill, our rallied troops showed up. 
They hung light fixtures... 
And wall paper... painted walls, hung custom book cases and worked well into the night.
The family arrived on Friday to find this...

And some subtle hints...
lead them to this!
Ann had the genius idea of slipcovering this donated chair with a drop cloth and then having the kids' friends leave their handprints. If they ever want to use this chair in a grown up space, they can simply flip the cushions. 
Built-in custom bookcases by Soundside Carpentry flank the large window and are filled with ALL NEW books! The cubbies are filled with educational tools and games.
Ann added monogram artwork for each child.

And the new rug she requested is a great spot for reading or floor puzzles.
 A donated herb garden gives the children something to nurture and care for. Today, when I told Trey he could actually eat the herbs, he said: Really? Yuck. Looks like salad. 
A friend of the family made these Origami cranes. Ancient Japanese legend says that these cranes symbolize a long life and recovery from illness. How fitting.
The art center was filled to the brim with supplies and every creative thing we could get our hands on. A local artist donated the "good stuff" and the kids are already working on some projects.
Laura and Ann painted this magnetic chalkboard wall.
Adjustable rolling chairs (sizable for teachers and kids)surround this large work space. They were donated by Triangle Office Supply, one of the many donations from someone who doesn't even know the family! We love our community! We also love the "Jackson" table from World Market.It makes a great desk! 
Art that we dug up from their keepsakes was matted and framed. We used colorful mats and black frames to keep it consistent.
We wanted the space to be just as much Sarah's so personalizing it for her was important.
The gallery wall has room to grow. One of my favorite pieces is Laura's painting of the lion. It's called "Courage". How perfect.

To all of our dear friends and family who contributed to the space in some way, thank you for your prayers, love and support. The family is spending every waking minute in their new room and appreciate you more than you know. 
As for Ann and me, we are so very grateful. 
Bye bye birdie,

credit to: Elaine Mintz (wallpaper), Chuck Walsh (electrician), John White (Soundside Carpentry), Laura Sykes, and many many friends and family

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Double Take...

We just got a Hobby Lobby! Woop Woop! I didn't know it was coming and drove by it the other day. I literally did a double take and craned my neck to make sure I was seeing things correctly. Sooo... I did what any good mother would do and bribed my girls (out on break) with a trip based on best behavior. (I got this parenting thing.... )
I was really excited about the chance my new Hobby Lobby would have a macked out doll house section for my dollhouse (um, er their dollhouse).

You see, the dollhouse is in serious need of a reno. Lots of furniture has only 3 legs, wallpaper has fallen, and cute nieces, nephews and friends have played hard. I'm not trying to not blame my own children, but let's face it I play with it more then they do and I am very careful.

She's not what she used to be... I'm thinking this is a first of the year project.

Anyhoo... After much anticipation, we made it to Hobby Lobby. And......

The doll house section was not all I dreamed it would be (sob, sob). We left with a few candles and some kind of foam tiger Molly bought with her own money. So, the dollhouse is on hold and Hobby Lobby is great but missed the boat on my dollhouse needs.
I will keep you posted on the re-model!

Happy Thursday!
Bye, bye Birdie,
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