Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bargain Hunter and Gatherer

Every week, we plan to share our weekend jaunts to the auctions, yard sales or web steals in hopes to inspire you to find a deal of your own or tip you off on something you (and your wallet) just can't live without. And, we'll shoot it to you straight. Today, we will start with Craig's List.

First you must understand Craigslist Speak:

Lovely: Needs a little TLC but might have potential
Beautiful: Hideous and they hope their description will change your mind
No Picture: Seller is my mother and unsure how to download pic. Most likely part of hoarding collection
Shabby Chic: Ratty, old and needs to go to dump
French: Hmmmm.
Chippendale: Could be good, most likely grandmother style furniture that is actually French
Bamboo: Could be chippendale
Retro: Mid-century (promising) and seller doesn't know what they have
Elegant: Gold

And my personal favorite:

Designer: UGLY
Case in point. This "designer" is selling these side tables for ONLY $325. I'll translate: These tables are stone so, therefore must be worth something, to someone. Perhaps someone on crack. Bonus. When you are done using them as side tables, you can play a round of Bocci ball.

And now, onto the good stuff...
This piece is labeled "vintage" which is a term I usually have good luck with... This lacquered dress is lane and $375. What a great finish and amazing lines!
Now we're talking. These are $100 and could be made to look like this with a can of spray paint.
Remember this porch Ann did? Well, "retro" chairs make a big impact in a glossy paint.
I have a thing for coffee tables. I love changing them up because they can be a focal point. This is a statement piece and is $200! 
Accessorize this 36" space with...
 Seriously, this beauty is on the Wilmington Craiglist. I may just make an offer myself. I love the idea of this solid marble statue on the coffee table above. Don't forget to check CL for accessories too!

Now that you know how to search, start looking. Check local and nearby Craig's List and use your words!

bye bye birdie,

Credit to: Myhandsmadeit.com and Houzz, Craiglist

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