Thursday, October 4, 2012

Double Take...

We just got a Hobby Lobby! Woop Woop! I didn't know it was coming and drove by it the other day. I literally did a double take and craned my neck to make sure I was seeing things correctly. Sooo... I did what any good mother would do and bribed my girls (out on break) with a trip based on best behavior. (I got this parenting thing.... )
I was really excited about the chance my new Hobby Lobby would have a macked out doll house section for my dollhouse (um, er their dollhouse).

You see, the dollhouse is in serious need of a reno. Lots of furniture has only 3 legs, wallpaper has fallen, and cute nieces, nephews and friends have played hard. I'm not trying to not blame my own children, but let's face it I play with it more then they do and I am very careful.

She's not what she used to be... I'm thinking this is a first of the year project.

Anyhoo... After much anticipation, we made it to Hobby Lobby. And......

The doll house section was not all I dreamed it would be (sob, sob). We left with a few candles and some kind of foam tiger Molly bought with her own money. So, the dollhouse is on hold and Hobby Lobby is great but missed the boat on my dollhouse needs.
I will keep you posted on the re-model!

Happy Thursday!
Bye, bye Birdie,

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Julia Ryan said...

so glad you are tackling this on your blog. I'm doing the same thing for my sweets too. I am one hundred percent fully to blame for the condition of my childhood dollhouse. My dad built it for my sister and I and I took some major interest in playtime for years. It needs major structural help and decorating. Can't seem to find much online that isn't tacky. Love to see what you do!

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