Monday, October 29, 2012

Face Lift....

A lot has been going on round here! in the midst of all the happenings, we decided Birds of a Feather Design needed a little facelift. The good news is we are getting there... (like our nest? background?) The bad news is while we excel at soooo much, figuring out blogger codes and formats is not one of them! So bear with us as our look evolves over the next week or so. These things take time!

Oh, did you get excited and think one of us was going under the knife? tummy tuck? lipo? Not to say our future doesn't hold that, but just not today!

 In other news, here's a dose of real life. This morning, on the way to school all kids were gagging because of a foul smell in the car. When we got to school, I found the culprit. There was dog poop ALL OVER Flanner: shoes, booster, book bag, pants, socks.... everywhere. We don't even have a dog. What's a mom to do? I hosed him down in the school parking lot and dropped of non-poop kids at school. 
Poop covered kid got a Walmart makeover of his own and went back to school in a new wardrobe. I spent $71 because Hutson needs matching shoes and pants. This will guarantee and good solid 2 weeks of quality. 
You can't make this S**t up. 
Happy Monday!
Bye, bye birdie,

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My Interior Life said...

I've been noticing your new design - looking good already. And can I tell you, I had almost the exact same thing happen to my pre-schooler a couple of years ago. Luckily it was mainly just on his shoes, back of my seat and car seat (not his clothes). I spent a good 30 minutes in the school bathroom washing off his shoes. Good times!

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