Friday, November 30, 2012

Facebook and a Give Away!

We have a Facebook Page! We have finally caught up with the rest of the world. LIKE us on FB and next Friday, we will draw from all of our FB friends for a Sawgrass Holiday Candle! 
The are beautiful and locally made! Christmas Memories is one of my faves. Check out their Etsy Shop here!

If you have already "Liked" us on Facebook, don't worry, you are entered too!
Happy Friday!
bye bye birdie...

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Newlywed's New Home

You've heard us talk about the importance of mixing in heirlooms. You've also heard us talk about budget. Recently, a client asked me to come over to take a look at her living room. It had become a collection of all things passed down and simply looked like her grandmother's parlor. She wanted to keep everything in it which can be a great budget friendly option, but can also be a creative challenge at the same time. Her jumping off point was a very old Oriental with an interesting color palate. By interesting, I mean colors that you almost never come across. Take a peek:
The rug is a chartreuse/gold that changes from light to dark like most Orientals do when you change position in the room. I wasn't sure right away how to create a room around these colors: Chartreuse, gold, plum and cobalt. Hmmmm. 
 This is the before.
The camel back sofa and wing backs looked very tattered and frankly, covered in a mauve fabric, leaned more towards the retirement home than that of two newlyweds. I was determined. 
We recovered everything. 
Never under estimate the power of a new fabric. Velvet may have an old feel, but in this bright cobalt, it brought the sofa to life. The Ikat, silk and bronze (leather) pillows add different textures and make the sofa VERY current. 
You know what I say, every space needs a little animal print. Nothing will update a chair like a zebra and some nail heads. You remember that the next time Granny's chair makes it into your home. 
Thomas Paul drapes, and a bold mirror spice up the previously drab walls. The black and gold drapery hardware is from Lowes -- very budget friendly. Notice the coffee table... 
I found it at Maran Home and lacquered the base white. I love that the glass lets you see the rug and the fretwork and the brass trim on the top ties in with the color of the rug and other metals in the room. 
 I styled an antique chest with some old photos, a silver tray and her tobacco leaf china. Oh, and I dragged the fabulous Chinoiserie chairs out of the dining room. 

 Remember the mantle before? It had dried flowers and a local print of our downtown waterfront. 
 Some simple changes and a pair of proud peacocks brought it up a notch. 
I love the history in this room. I also love a newlyweds get to start their new lives together and make this space their own. 
bye bye birdie...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Two New Additions to our Family

The last time I welcomed two new additions to the family, it was twins. Not this time (thank goodness).  Over the weekend, a precious new baby joined our family. Meet "Teddy":
We named him after my dad. You might be a redneck if... you name a pet after a family member. Well...
He is a baby cocker spaniel weighs 3.5 pounds (I picked the runt).  He is growing fast and is the sweetest thing you have ever met. 
This is how it went down: We had picked him out a week before. Kids had no idea. None. We left Greensboro early Friday from our Thanksgiving visit with Read's family. 
We said: "Kids, no fussin' (another redneck word). Mom found a table on Craig's List in Burlington and we have to make a stop on the way home."
 Kids didn't say a word because they think this is totally normal. 
I dropped them off at the general store for a snack and bathroom break (with Read of course) and headed to pick up my new baby. Minutes later, I returned for some coffee with Teddy Bear in my coat. (Kids, still clueless). 
Read filmed the entire thing and kids still thought that was normal. 
Graham: Mom, did you get the table? 
Me: Huh? Oh no, it was junk, but I did get this instead....
Shock and awe. They are loving every minute with their new "brother". Hutson said he is glad he is no longer the youngest. 
Over the weekend, my upholsterer delivered his new bed. 
Ok, just kidding. 
 However, sofa was so fab, it made it into the living room and I couldn't bear to shut it up in my office. Teddy is digging it too. 
 Here it is a big shot of new sofa in living room. No comments about the Norman Rockwell weekend I had. Ignore giant pregnant tree in corner. 
 Remember the mother of pearl in-lay and the black lacquer trim? Oh yeah. Remember that I found it at auction for $250? See here. These two additions made for the best Thanksgiving weekend to date. Teddy tops the list. 
bye by birdie...

Monday, November 26, 2012

Mid Century Monday

Run, hurry, go, go, GO! Somebody get this for $45...
Paint the legs Benjamin Moore teal...

And recover it in this wool herringbone....
(I would do it myself but I'm scared Hooper and Jeff would stage a hoarders intervention)
Have fun and let us know if you need us to do it for you!

Happy Monday,
Bye,bye birdie,

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday....

I don't get it.... Shopping at 3 a.m.? How much do you save? At what cost? If I got up at 3 to shop, got home by 8 and could not spend the rest of the day in bed, any money saved would have to go towards therapy for my 4 children. So for that reason I did not throw elbows or wait in the cold to get the deal of the century. Did you? My sanity has a price.
However... I did do a little black Friday online shopping
The "Aspen Bunny" ornament from Anthropologie is screaming Hooper and might have to show up on her tree. (She has the same vest... love it!)

But of course the shopping quickly turned to design stalking and I could not seem to get away from images of black rooms (in honor of black Friday)...
It is such a sophisticated look... love it as a backdrop to art.
But for the unsophisticated side of me... I love black chalkboard paint.
Now we're talking. The crisp white moulding is making me dig this room!
hmmm... maybe I could do charcoal?
This is pretty and gentleman's clubish and I can picture the humidor on the coffee table. HOWEVER, if that golden retriever lives there, they are in shedding hell and I hope they own the Dyson pet vac.

Could you do it? Do you have enough great art and or great light to pull off a black room? And if you do... can we do it for you? (We'd really love a client that wants black!)

Check out Kathy over at My Interior Life here. She has been working on her own black office. (Can't wait to see it finished!)

Enjoy your weekend!
Bye, bye birdie,
Credit to: Anthropologie, google images

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving! We are so thankful for our friends, family and YOU!
You often hear us talk about cute Jen from Fotojenik.(we can't seem to say her name without cute or sweet in front of it!) She is our mega talented friend, photographer, leather artisan, and a kind soul. Jen and cute Hal ( hard to say his name without cute or sweet in front of it too... sorry Hal...) are in the process of adopting. They are prayerfully waiting to be matched with a birth mom. Through the whole process they have had it on their hearts that this was so much bigger then the two of them and they should use their talents to promote adoption and help others.
That became KIN....
These beautiful leather wrap bracelets are a perfect reminder of the love and bond of family. You can support Jen and Hal and others hoping to adopt by purchasing a KIN bracelet and sharing their story. Please read their mission below...

The Start

While attending a conference in Atlanta, GA in late 2009, Hal and Jen Griffin, the founders of Remnant, heard the story of one family’s adoption during the highlight of a leading family organization, Bethany Christian Services. Having already been on a journey to start their own family since 2006, they left knowing without question that adoption would somehow be a part of their story too, but just weren’t sure when.


The seed that was planted that day would only continue to grow the more they learned about the beauty of adoption, how great the need is, and the incredible work that Bethany does for children and families all over the world. A partnership with Bethany was begun in September of 2011 when it became clear the time to pursue adoption had come.


Throughout the year long road of applications, questionnaires, classes, book readings, interviews, out of town meetings, and all of the waiting in between, one thing remained the same -- a deep desire to be a family to a child who would otherwise not know one.


They are now officially approved to adopt, and are waiting to finally become a family of 3.

Why KIN?
KIN is family.

And family means a whole lot to us.
There are many who grow up not knowing the love of a family, and that breaks our heart. There are also many who live wanting nothing more than to be that family to a child in need despite the obstacles.

Adoption is expensive and not everyone can afford it. So when you purchase one of our KIN Leather Wrap Bracelets, know that you are making this adoption possible. And since we realize that this cause is bigger than us, when our adoption is complete, we’re committed to helping others do the same by continuing to partner with Bethany and fund other adoptions.

When you invest in others, you become family.

You become kin.
These bracelets are available on Jen and Hal's site, Remnant Handmade. See here.
You can also visit Jen's blog (one of our fave's) here.
And if you need a little Turkey Day Design, see their beautiful home  here.
Adoption is very near to our hearts and Hooper could not imagine life without her sweet niece Elle .(cutest thing ever!!!) See here. We are so excited to support Jen and Hal in their journey and can't wait to welcome Baby G!
Hug your loved ones, enjoy your day and celebrate family...
We have so much to be thankful for...
Happy Thanksgiving,
Bye, bye birdie,

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tina's Master Makeover!

Last Christmas, I bought a beautiful candle. I light it quite often and marvel at the beautiful colors of gold, emerald and turquoise. For a year, I have wanted to design a room around this color palate -- I just needed an unsuspecting client to trust me enough. Lucky for me, my clients are amazing and one such client/friend gave me free reign!!! I hope you like the outcome! 
We started with the green side tables. You may remember them from CraigsList/Southport. A steal at $40 each and we didn't have to touch them! I wrangled a trip to Bald Head out of the trip to pick them up, but for the client they were cheap. Me, not so much. Tip number 1: Anytime you can make a vacay out of a buying trip, do so. Tip number 2: Don't let husband in on it.  I digress...
Because we spent so little on the side tables, we were then open to splurge on bedding. The green and white duvet and shams are from Legacy. Their bedding is made to order and the craftsmanship is extraordinary. I selected the brightly colored ikat for the shams and bed skirt and had those made at a local workroom.
The headboard is also custom and adds another texture. It reads as a solid, but has some green flecks, if you look closely.
The gray zebra chairs add a little sitting area and the Safavieh brass table was a Homegoods find. 

The art is from a local haunt, Crabby Chic. I love the abstract modern lines of the art (and the colors).
The had these amazing lamps. They are very heavy chunks of quartz and I didn't touch them. They are perfect as they are and look great on our side tables. 
 A little styling goes a long way...
The ceiling heights allowed for a 27" chandelier. Would you believe I found this beauty at Home Depot? I love the finish and the fretwork at the top of the fixture. 
We needed a spot for storage and the TV. She wanted her TV hidden, so we opted for this World's Away Cabinet. I adore World's Away, but they always seem to add basic knobs to beautiful pieces. Perhaps it is because they know we will HAVE to change them out??
These Pier One knobs are stunning and look like emerald jewelry. They were on clearance for .98 cents. Yes, as in under $1 each. 
I designed the cornices to mimic the lines of the headboard, but also wanted to make the ceilings appear even taller. By dropping the silk drapes and adding a cornice (placed just below the ceiling), it gives the illusion of height.
I added nail heads for a touch of gold... and just love how the combination turned out.
And these stunning silk drapes (lined and inner-lined) are from Overstock. I added a green tape to the face of the drape to dress them up a little. Overstock is a great source for ready made drapes. 
The curve of the headboard with the linear pattern of the bedding is a nice juxtaposition. 
I added some softness to the floor with a sheep skin rug. 
I added some masculine touches to the hubby's side of the bed..

What do you think? Do tell! We love your feedback. The client is thrilled and I may just have to give her my candle for Christmas. 
Bye bye birdie...
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