Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday....

I don't get it.... Shopping at 3 a.m.? How much do you save? At what cost? If I got up at 3 to shop, got home by 8 and could not spend the rest of the day in bed, any money saved would have to go towards therapy for my 4 children. So for that reason I did not throw elbows or wait in the cold to get the deal of the century. Did you? My sanity has a price.
However... I did do a little black Friday online shopping
The "Aspen Bunny" ornament from Anthropologie is screaming Hooper and might have to show up on her tree. (She has the same vest... love it!)

But of course the shopping quickly turned to design stalking and I could not seem to get away from images of black rooms (in honor of black Friday)...
It is such a sophisticated look... love it as a backdrop to art.
But for the unsophisticated side of me... I love black chalkboard paint.
Now we're talking. The crisp white moulding is making me dig this room!
hmmm... maybe I could do charcoal?
This is pretty and gentleman's clubish and I can picture the humidor on the coffee table. HOWEVER, if that golden retriever lives there, they are in shedding hell and I hope they own the Dyson pet vac.

Could you do it? Do you have enough great art and or great light to pull off a black room? And if you do... can we do it for you? (We'd really love a client that wants black!)

Check out Kathy over at My Interior Life here. She has been working on her own black office. (Can't wait to see it finished!)

Enjoy your weekend!
Bye, bye birdie,
Credit to: Anthropologie, google images

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