Thursday, November 22, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving! We are so thankful for our friends, family and YOU!
You often hear us talk about cute Jen from Fotojenik.(we can't seem to say her name without cute or sweet in front of it!) She is our mega talented friend, photographer, leather artisan, and a kind soul. Jen and cute Hal ( hard to say his name without cute or sweet in front of it too... sorry Hal...) are in the process of adopting. They are prayerfully waiting to be matched with a birth mom. Through the whole process they have had it on their hearts that this was so much bigger then the two of them and they should use their talents to promote adoption and help others.
That became KIN....
These beautiful leather wrap bracelets are a perfect reminder of the love and bond of family. You can support Jen and Hal and others hoping to adopt by purchasing a KIN bracelet and sharing their story. Please read their mission below...

The Start

While attending a conference in Atlanta, GA in late 2009, Hal and Jen Griffin, the founders of Remnant, heard the story of one family’s adoption during the highlight of a leading family organization, Bethany Christian Services. Having already been on a journey to start their own family since 2006, they left knowing without question that adoption would somehow be a part of their story too, but just weren’t sure when.


The seed that was planted that day would only continue to grow the more they learned about the beauty of adoption, how great the need is, and the incredible work that Bethany does for children and families all over the world. A partnership with Bethany was begun in September of 2011 when it became clear the time to pursue adoption had come.


Throughout the year long road of applications, questionnaires, classes, book readings, interviews, out of town meetings, and all of the waiting in between, one thing remained the same -- a deep desire to be a family to a child who would otherwise not know one.


They are now officially approved to adopt, and are waiting to finally become a family of 3.

Why KIN?
KIN is family.

And family means a whole lot to us.
There are many who grow up not knowing the love of a family, and that breaks our heart. There are also many who live wanting nothing more than to be that family to a child in need despite the obstacles.

Adoption is expensive and not everyone can afford it. So when you purchase one of our KIN Leather Wrap Bracelets, know that you are making this adoption possible. And since we realize that this cause is bigger than us, when our adoption is complete, we’re committed to helping others do the same by continuing to partner with Bethany and fund other adoptions.

When you invest in others, you become family.

You become kin.
These bracelets are available on Jen and Hal's site, Remnant Handmade. See here.
You can also visit Jen's blog (one of our fave's) here.
And if you need a little Turkey Day Design, see their beautiful home  here.
Adoption is very near to our hearts and Hooper could not imagine life without her sweet niece Elle .(cutest thing ever!!!) See here. We are so excited to support Jen and Hal in their journey and can't wait to welcome Baby G!
Hug your loved ones, enjoy your day and celebrate family...
We have so much to be thankful for...
Happy Thanksgiving,
Bye, bye birdie,


bluehydrangea said...

What a great Thanksgiving post!! I am so excited for Jen and Hal and I just hopped over and ordered my Kin bracelet, can't wait to get it!! Isn't that going to be one lucky baby to have those two for parents??!! Thanks for sharing and happy turkey day!! xoSissy

Jen Griffin said...

So grateful for you guys & all your love & support. It's such an incredible gift to us!

Lisa Mende Design said...

I love what you are doing! I work with ShowHope and support their adoption program but wanted you to know how much I love your hearts for helping others!

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