Monday, November 12, 2012

Homegoods Hitters

 Once a week we are going to show you some scores at our local Homegoods. If you are in Wilmington, rush out and buy them. If not, check your local store for these finds. We check the HG enough that we figured we would spread the wealth! I'm loving this desk for $399. 
 I've been eyeing this baby for awhile. I love the lines and the fabric. I'm a sucker for zebra. I could do an entire room around this, but wish there were two. Perhaps you need just one?
 These bird prints remind me of the latest article in November Better Homes and Gardens.
 So pretty and the pair makes such an impact on this bedroom. 
I love the frames and the colors and at $49.99, not bad...
 Fell in love with these hooks. They are iron and lacquered in pink, red, gray, white and green! (I bought 4)- no idea where I will put them, but couldn't resist. 
I love a magnifying glass on a stack of books. These are so pretty and would be the perfect stylistic element to a coffee table. So go on, run over to Homegoods and check out the GOODIES!
bye bye birdie,


Jenny Patterson said...

The desk and the chair look like they would make a great combo in an office! Of course, all of the elements that you posted would come together nicely in an office/workspace. Thank you for the inspiration!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I'm amazed at the cool stuff to be found at HG - and the prices just cannot be beat!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

That Homegoods, eh?! Good eye on ya!

Nicki of Cute & Co. said...

Gimme that zebra chair!

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