Monday, November 5, 2012

Mid Century Monday...

Ever have one of those places you drive by over and over and over again always meaning to stop but never do? Well... I finally did! And I'm so glad I did. This place is great,  AND they serve coffee... Bonus!!!
Its PROJEKTE on the corner of  3rd and Castle. You know I don't always share my haunts but you have to check this little jewel out. The owner is nice (another bonus) and willing to share what he knows about the mid century pieces he has collected. He also shows local artist and sells their work. I might just of scored a little something for mi casa.
It wasn't this triptych. Unfortunately it was already sold.

I was loving the hand painted 1950's mint (green that is) Asian lamps. Also thought the chairs below had a Hooper vibe.

I wanted this little light though I'd probably ditch the base since it was not original and hang the shade as a pendant somewhere. I didn't get it... I'm a little gun shy since a certain 12 year old I know shot my favorite kitchen light with a Nerf gun and split it in half. Still too soon....

I took the family back to get pictures and Lindley informed me she'd like this for her room. She was bummed when she found out they were a pair and $600. she was about $580 short. I did beam inside though....  my girlie has great taste!

What's not to love here...

However, this was the belle of the ball. Isn't it amazing?  hmmm... Christmas is right around the corner... (Oh dear, not sure I've been that good).
Did I mention that he shows local artist? You know how I love affordable art! I loved the nude and the blue portrait, but they didn't come home with me either. I promise I'll show you what I got when I figure out where to put them.

The sign finally lured me in. Next time you drive by (and I know you do) stop in and say hello.

Maybe you already have. Am I the last person to visit this place? How bout you, any cool mid century spots in your neck of the woods? We'd love to know!

Happy Monday!
Bye, bye birdie,  


Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

Anna and Hooper- Wha ta nice shop, love the twiggy chairs.

The redesign is beautiful. So happy to see the beautiful photo of you two near the top!


Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Wonderful pieces - and that chandelier is fantastic!

Heather Moore Grahling | Vivid Hue Home said...

hi there! saw your comment on pawleys island posh and thought I'd pop over to check out your blog! love it! i'm a new follower!

Unknown said...

Thanks Heather! We love new followers!


Man....that is a cool store!

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