Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Newlywed's New Home

You've heard us talk about the importance of mixing in heirlooms. You've also heard us talk about budget. Recently, a client asked me to come over to take a look at her living room. It had become a collection of all things passed down and simply looked like her grandmother's parlor. She wanted to keep everything in it which can be a great budget friendly option, but can also be a creative challenge at the same time. Her jumping off point was a very old Oriental with an interesting color palate. By interesting, I mean colors that you almost never come across. Take a peek:
The rug is a chartreuse/gold that changes from light to dark like most Orientals do when you change position in the room. I wasn't sure right away how to create a room around these colors: Chartreuse, gold, plum and cobalt. Hmmmm. 
 This is the before.
The camel back sofa and wing backs looked very tattered and frankly, covered in a mauve fabric, leaned more towards the retirement home than that of two newlyweds. I was determined. 
We recovered everything. 
Never under estimate the power of a new fabric. Velvet may have an old feel, but in this bright cobalt, it brought the sofa to life. The Ikat, silk and bronze (leather) pillows add different textures and make the sofa VERY current. 
You know what I say, every space needs a little animal print. Nothing will update a chair like a zebra and some nail heads. You remember that the next time Granny's chair makes it into your home. 
Thomas Paul drapes, and a bold mirror spice up the previously drab walls. The black and gold drapery hardware is from Lowes -- very budget friendly. Notice the coffee table... 
I found it at Maran Home and lacquered the base white. I love that the glass lets you see the rug and the fretwork and the brass trim on the top ties in with the color of the rug and other metals in the room. 
 I styled an antique chest with some old photos, a silver tray and her tobacco leaf china. Oh, and I dragged the fabulous Chinoiserie chairs out of the dining room. 

 Remember the mantle before? It had dried flowers and a local print of our downtown waterfront. 
 Some simple changes and a pair of proud peacocks brought it up a notch. 
I love the history in this room. I also love a newlyweds get to start their new lives together and make this space their own. 
bye bye birdie...


Lindsey Suggs said...

Y'all did an amazing job. I just HAPPEN to be heading to this newlyweds' home tonight. Can't wait to see it in person!!

My Interior Life said...

Looks amazing, of course. And that's a Chinese Art Deco rug - those are so collectible and expensive!! She is so lucky to have that as a family heirloom. The colors in those rugs are so unique. Jealous!

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