Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tina's Master Makeover!

Last Christmas, I bought a beautiful candle. I light it quite often and marvel at the beautiful colors of gold, emerald and turquoise. For a year, I have wanted to design a room around this color palate -- I just needed an unsuspecting client to trust me enough. Lucky for me, my clients are amazing and one such client/friend gave me free reign!!! I hope you like the outcome! 
We started with the green side tables. You may remember them from CraigsList/Southport. A steal at $40 each and we didn't have to touch them! I wrangled a trip to Bald Head out of the trip to pick them up, but for the client they were cheap. Me, not so much. Tip number 1: Anytime you can make a vacay out of a buying trip, do so. Tip number 2: Don't let husband in on it.  I digress...
Because we spent so little on the side tables, we were then open to splurge on bedding. The green and white duvet and shams are from Legacy. Their bedding is made to order and the craftsmanship is extraordinary. I selected the brightly colored ikat for the shams and bed skirt and had those made at a local workroom.
The headboard is also custom and adds another texture. It reads as a solid, but has some green flecks, if you look closely.
The gray zebra chairs add a little sitting area and the Safavieh brass table was a Homegoods find. 

The art is from a local haunt, Crabby Chic. I love the abstract modern lines of the art (and the colors).
The had these amazing lamps. They are very heavy chunks of quartz and I didn't touch them. They are perfect as they are and look great on our side tables. 
 A little styling goes a long way...
The ceiling heights allowed for a 27" chandelier. Would you believe I found this beauty at Home Depot? I love the finish and the fretwork at the top of the fixture. 
We needed a spot for storage and the TV. She wanted her TV hidden, so we opted for this World's Away Cabinet. I adore World's Away, but they always seem to add basic knobs to beautiful pieces. Perhaps it is because they know we will HAVE to change them out??
These Pier One knobs are stunning and look like emerald jewelry. They were on clearance for .98 cents. Yes, as in under $1 each. 
I designed the cornices to mimic the lines of the headboard, but also wanted to make the ceilings appear even taller. By dropping the silk drapes and adding a cornice (placed just below the ceiling), it gives the illusion of height.
I added nail heads for a touch of gold... and just love how the combination turned out.
And these stunning silk drapes (lined and inner-lined) are from Overstock. I added a green tape to the face of the drape to dress them up a little. Overstock is a great source for ready made drapes. 
The curve of the headboard with the linear pattern of the bedding is a nice juxtaposition. 
I added some softness to the floor with a sheep skin rug. 
I added some masculine touches to the hubby's side of the bed..

What do you think? Do tell! We love your feedback. The client is thrilled and I may just have to give her my candle for Christmas. 
Bye bye birdie...


Cristi Pollock said...

I had no idea that this was what you two wonderful girls were up to. The room looks great! I love the color scheme. How much fun you must have getting to design others spaces!

Unknown said...

You rocked it out Hooper!!! And it all started with a candle....-Ann

Lindsey Suggs said...

What a gorgeous room!!!! I LOOOOOOVE the bedding and the cornices...among other things!

Nicki of Cute & Co. said...

The headboard is amazing! Love the shape and color. : )

Anonymous said...

Love these colors....who would have thought! Great job! Kathy

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

...and all this from a ittle candle. Wow!


Those colors are stunning....great job! And those end tables...Gawd!

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