Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tween Hangout Makeover

A friend and mom asked me to turn their bonus room into a Tween hangout for her two growing kids. She wanted a space where they could do homework, play Wii and hang with friends. 
Basically, she wanted them out of the main living space. Her one request: They want it to be orange an purple. I have to admit, this was a challenge at first. Orange, I can do. Purple, I can do, but I wasn't quite sure how to mix the two. 
 The orange chairs are from Overstock. They swivel and are the kids love their retro look. The rug is from Overstock too. 
 The Target futon doubles as a bed for sleepovers. How cool are the chrome legs?
 The sitting bull might just be the most comfy spot in the room. 

 Mix in fun pillows in different textures...
 Art and framed kids' masterpieces...
and you get a fun functional space with a retro vibe and a perfect spot to hang. 
bye bye birdie...

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letters to my little love said...

Omg, when I first read the title to this post quickly, I accidentally switched things around in my head and thought it said: tween make out hangover. I was like "woah, what?!" Whoops!

Love this room & the mix of color & function!

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