Monday, December 31, 2012

2012, A year in pictures

We are ringing in the New Year and can't believe 2013 is almost here. Looking back on 2012, we loved every single project but wanted to reflect on some that you loved the most. Here are some readers' favorites. 
Remember the Cashiers house? What a fun project! See here.
Wouldn't you love to be a guest in that house?
Our sweet friends got a playroom/school room makeover. Truly the most meaningful and inspiring project we have ever done. See here.
An emerald and turquoise master retreat. Isn't emerald the Pantone color of the year for 2013? Check it out.

Our girls' room makeovers got a lot of traffic and our readers loved seeing how we used some of the same elements to express the different personalities of our girls. 
My powder room (finally) got a makeover!
 Ann rocked this dining room makeover. 
See here. 
Sophisticated glam. Remember this king headboard that had to be made in parts to fit up the stairs? We loved this color palate and so did you! Read it again.
Decorating and styling this outdoor space was tons of fun - in the sun. 
And the two new additions to my household... See here.
Here's to 2013, may you and your family have a safe, healthy and happy New Year! 
At Birds of a Feather, we can hardly wait...

Friday, December 28, 2012

Legoland and Laundry

We hope you had a very happy holiday and are taking some time off before 2013 rushes in. We are. Sort of. For the  fans readers who have been asking to see the magazine and it's not out yet in their mailbox or news stand... well, here goes.
Can you believe it? I mean, I am folding laundry. And the towels are WHITE. Talk about great staging. 
In other news...
I have jetted off to Florida. Clearly, I am in a parallel universe. My laundry room is in a magazine so it just sounds better to say "jetted". Ok, by "jetted", I mean, drove 11 hours (should have been 8) in my chicken nugget encrusted mini-van with three kids, a cranky husband and new puppy. 
Yes, Teddy (the puppy) came too. Don't ask me, evidently, I am crazy. 
We are staying in Hansel and Gretel's house. Yes, I picked a vacation rental yet again based on how cute it is on the outside and how well it is decorated on the inside. (To say I'm crazy again sounds redundant) 

I am glad we came to Florida though versus say, New York, because they have the magazine here. (and the house) 
Just last night, at Publix in Daytona, I was recognized in the check out line. Sort of. Flanner threw a temper tantrum while in check out. Totally normal. I mean, when have I not gone through check out when someone didn't melt down. His sister wanted spray candy (whatever in the hell that is) so naturally, I assumed he wanted some too. I turned around to give him the evil eye and he was begging for this. 
I melted. Right there. He told the check out lady through teary eyes that his "mama" was in the magazine and could she please ring it up? This is true. I was so touched, I wanted to buy him every copy and the spray candy (he's no dummy). The lady who was nice and looked like she could be a nice babysitter (according to my nine year old, who asked her to come over to babysit), said: 
"NO WAY! LEMME SEE!". Flanner proudly showed her and I blushed. She said: "Wow, that's you?" I pretended not to hear the question in her voice.
FYI, I don't ask strangers at Publix to babysit because they meet the criteria of my nine year old (no matter how desperate I am).

Back home, Ann is STILL working on her kitchen and has decided to grout the backsplash herself. Coo-Coo. I let Teddy ride the ferris wheel with me today, so I'm a little coo-coo myself. We must have really needed this time off. Hope you are enjoying yours.

Tune in next week for Behind The Scenes (BTS) from the magazine shoot and the BTS from Ann's kitchen reno. I'll spare you BTS at Legoland.

 bye bye birdie...

credit to: Southern Living

Friday, December 21, 2012

Blue Christmas

Christmas at the coast is something to behold. You never know what you are going to get. Right now, the temperatures are in the 70's. While, I wish for a white Christmas each year, it always turns out to be a blue Christmas. That's right, every shade of blue: from aqua, blue, teal, turquoise... Birds of a Feather style. We wanted to share a project with you that we just wrapped up. No pun intended. 
 This light filled room is a designer's dream. Check out the BEFORE. It was feeling a little drab with the dated furniture. The client wanted something bright and airy that her family of four could enjoy year round.  
      BEFORE                      AFTER                                                        

The transformation is pretty drastic. We divided the room into two seating areas grounded with two separate area rugs. This makes the room multi-functional but also adds coziness to a very large space. The area at the back of the room, features this...
 Soundside Carpentry made this stunning day bed/swing. It has a twin mattress to sleep extra guests or...

Functions as a reading nook...

 The swing is painted Covington Blue, by Benjamin Moore and has an "oar" shape to the base -- it's a tribute to the family's time spent on Nantucket.

 I love the details and we carried the rope throughout the room as an accent.

The client wanted a wall to display her beach photos of the children. Notice the lacquered Homegoods branch hooks -- I knew those would come in handy one day! 
The other sitting area has a slipcovered sofa, covered in Sunbrella, of course and my favorite score OF ALL TIME. 
 The egg swing is from the owner's childhood. Yep, we found it in the back of the garage while hunting down a hammer. 
 We added a custom cushion, Etsy pillow and now have additional seating (the kids love it -- bonus).

 The Cyrano coffee table from Gabby adds lots of surface area and the round lines mimic the rug.

The console table was a score from a designer sale. Ann tricked out the top and we love the metal base with the metal/wicker baskets. The baskets are perfect for storage or towels for the pool. 
Ode to our readers...

 We pray that you have a holiday filled with health, happiness, laughter and light.

We are taking a fews days off, or breakdown, we might.

May you have a "blue" Christmas filled with holiday cheer
As we get ready for an exciting New Year. 

Whether you are on the coast or somewhere white,
May all your days be merry and (especially) bright. 

In 2013, we are planning a lot...
from a party, more projects and magazine shots. 

Thank you for following us and reading our posts, 
To our readers, we love you, we love you the most!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Do You See What I See?

It's out. Really. I got a call from a friend who got a call from her sister-in-law who got a call from her mother's cousin who got a call from her aunt that she got her copy. So, I ran straight to the mailbox. Nothing. I slipped into a slight depression as I just can't handle the wait. I'm not known to be patient. The stress is just too much and the pressure. It's too early to have a glass of wine (it's 11:30 am), so I decide I'll soothe my nerves with a peppermint latte. Yeah, I'll stop by McDonald's. 
Peppermint latte, no whip please... excuse me ma'am...You have got to be kidding me.
 So I go back to the post office. Surely, there is some mistake. Maybe there is a stash of mags that got left behind and are supposed to me in my mailbox. My postman and post lady are chumming it up. Seriously? 
 To take my mind off of it, I'll go do a little Christmas shopping. Nothing like fresh air at our local shopping mall to put me in the Christmas spirit. What the ???
           Listen Prancer, can I borrow your magazine? Exhausting. I'll go get my toes done. "Christmas Red". That will be a treat. Unless...
Everyone there seems relaxed and engrossed in their reading. 
 OK, I give up. Pick up the kids from school because I promised we could see Santa. There was a very long line... 
Santa gave me his copy. BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT. EVER. 

 It should hit stands later this week. Run out and get a copy, tons of good tips for small space makeovers. 
Plus, did I mention, I'm in it?
bye bye birdie...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Good Things Come in Small Packages

We are patiently awaiting the arrival of the January issue of Southern Living. Forget the fact that when I show up at the post office to get my mail, the post lady just opens her window and shakes her head. Yesterday, I peaked in a subscriber's mailbox. Nada. Yes, I know about mail fraud. 
Anyway, since the article focuses on small space makeovers,  we wanted to share some of our favorites. Small spaces need impact. That's exactly what we were going for...
I still can't believe my client agreed to let us  Ann paint zebra stripes on her powder room walls. The crazy pattern works because the color is neutral. The pops of color in accessories add a lot of punch in a small space.
Small spaces should multi-task. This tiny room doubles as guest room for overflow visitors and a reading nook for my clients' three children. It's vibrant but serene because the base colors are soft and neutral. By building in a day bed and sconces, we made the most of an awkward room. See here.
Small spaces need storage. You pack it in where ever you can. Remember my master bath? See here. We gutted it and then went for impact and storage with a vintage Lane brutalist piece. This Craig's List find was retrofitted as the perfect vanity. Birch trees in the "loo" add even more interest. I swear Ann can turn any small space into something cool with her paint brush.
My dining room is T.I.N.Y. I went for big impact and what better way to make a small space feel bigger than to bring in light. Lighting is obvious, but adding reflective surfaces allows for light to bounce around the room and make it feel even larger. Check out the BEFORE. My mirrored top and metallic wallpaper create lots of drama. Drama...who me?
And my all time favorite small space makeover is...
Yes, my laundry room. You will just have to wait (evidently with the rest of the South)to see it. Who knows, maybe Southern Living will show up in your mailbox today...
At any rate, I'm off to check the mail.
Bye bye birdie...

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Broken hearts....

Though a lot is happening around here at Birds of a Feather it all seems to halt when a tragedy so horrific as the one in Newtown, Connecticut unfolds. We would like to offer our deepest sympathies and condolences to the friends and families of the 27 lives lost Friday. Our hearts break for the reality the parents at Sandy Hook Elementary are now facing. We are taking a day of silence in remembrance and respect of the lives lost.
Psalm 23

Friday, December 14, 2012


Yahoo! Today is finally...
Wake up...Go... Run...Beat the crowds...Get those deals! Oh, um... er... I mean leisurely get out of bed, enjoy a cup of joe, catch up on a few of your fave blogs and hit the stores at 10.
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And we FINALLY have a winner of our Facebook giveaway! Thanks for all of the "Likes". We feel so loved. Drum roll please... our winner of the holiday candle is FB and blog follower, 
Mandy Ring McNeely! She is the proud owner of a yummy Sawgrass Candle!
We hope to see you out and about today or tomorrow!
Happy Blue Friday! 
Bye,bye birdie,
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